Bill Gates' first coronavirus vaccine

Microsoft founder confirms Covid-19 vaccination

Billionaire and founder of Microsoft Corporation, confirmed, that he received the first vaccine against coronavirus. The tycoon announced this on Twitter and thanked all the experts, involved in the creation of the vaccine.

One of the benefits of being 65, - quotes a businessman, Profile magazine is an opportunity to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Bill Gates after coronavirus vaccination

I took my first dose this week and I feel great. Thanks to all scientists, clinical trial participants, regulators and healthcare providers, who are fighting on the front lines.

In the end 2020 of the Year Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced, what is investing 250 million dollars in development and distribution of vaccines against coronavirus, increasing the fund's investments in the fight against COVID-19 to 1,75 billion dollars.

The multibillionaire also expressed hope, what knowledge, received during the pandemic, will help the US fight other viruses after the pandemic ends.

I really hope, что то, how will we deal with this crisis, set an example for innovation and collaboration in the future. - said Bill Gates

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  1. Primarily, he advertised his investments. And vaccination will not hurt him, there was a high death rate in the USA and he is at risk. No big money saved from the crown.

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