What will happen, if an asymptomatic patient is vaccinated against coronavirus?

Will the effectiveness of the vaccine decrease?, if she enters the epicenter of coronavirus infection?

Speaking at a briefing at a government building, he said, that you do not need to undergo special testing for COVID-19 before being vaccinated with a homemade Sputnik V or EpiVacCorona vaccine. Although mass vaccination against coronavirus infection has begun in Russia, then no need for PCR or antibody testing. But what, if a person has an asymptomatic coronavirus infection, and during this time he was vaccinated against Covid?

There are currently no such studies, but from the experience of previous vaccination practice we can say: disaster shouldn't have happened, – говорит Евгений Тимаков. – Вакцина предназначена для защиты от вирусных инфекций (including, when they appear in the body at the initial stage, during the incubation period).

but, since there are still no detailed studies on this issue, recommended, if possible, test for antibodies against coronavirus infection before vaccination. If there are antibodies, the vaccine is not suitable at this stage and will need to be done later, but for now the person will be protected.

Immunity against viral infection will be enhanced.

In fact, a combined immune response is formed in the body: the body's reaction to an already received virus, as well as the reaction to getting the vaccine into the body. Really, it will be a double defense of the body: intrinsic immunity plus response to vaccination.

That is, a viral infection is destroyed much faster against the background of vaccination. However, I would like to remind you once again, what is currently unknown, how it will work specifically with vaccines to prevent new coronavirus infection. In this way, patients do not need special vaccinations. However, health needs to be treated with caution..

Important to know when vaccinating against covid 19

According to Minister Mikhail Murashko, immunity to covid begins to form in close 42 days after the first vaccine injection and three weeks after the second.

Everyone should continue to wear masks until then, until collective immunity to infection develops, and this will happen after vaccination 60 percent of the country's population.

According to the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova, vaccinations should be planned like this, чтобы коллективный иммунитет был достигнут к началу нового эпидемиологического сезона – осенью 2021 of the year.

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