Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, 50 doctors and scientists became billionaires

Fifty doctors during the coronavirus pandemic, scientists and healthcare workers have become billionaires. И все они работали над вакцинами от коронавируса COVID-19

Two doctors worked on vaccines for COVID-19 and got rich

According to a recent Forbes report, this year in the health sector appeared 50 new billionaires, including two, working on vaccines against COVID-19.

so, the list includes Ugur Shahin, который является соучредителем BioNTech – компании, who worked with Pfizer on a vaccine, already used in the UK, – генерального директора Moderna Стефана Банселя, as well as two Moderna investors Timothy Springer and Robert Langer.

Forbes reports, what is the state of Shahin now 4,2 billion dollars, а состояние Банселя – 4,1 billion dollars.

Pfizer over vaccine, already in use in the UK

Rich woman Covid-19 vaccine maker

Besides, Yuan Lipin, which now owns just under a quarter of Shenzhen Kangtai Biological Products, one of the leading vaccine manufacturers in China, became a billionaire. She became the richest woman, whose state 4,1 billion dollars. Все развитие происходило изначально в Канаде после развода с президентом компании Ду Вэйминь.

However, these numbers pale in comparison to the profit., received by the richest businessmen in the world since the beginning of the pandemic. So, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos's fortune this year is estimated at 186 billion dollars, What's on 70 billion dollars more, than last year.

Earlier on this exodus, when doctors got rich on Covid-19, мы писали в этой статье – 50 doctors and scientists have become billionaires since the start of the pandemic

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