Coronavirus in the USA today – new infections

According to the Covid Tracking Project website, in the United States die from coronavirus per day 3054 human.

These numbers have surpassed the highest rates 7 May. Country confirmed 2769 deaths per day, coronavirus-related.

More 106000 patients with coronavirus are being treated in American hospitals. More than 200 thousand new cases.

In total, during the pandemic, the number of cases in the United States reached 15 379 574 human. Registered 289 283 deaths.

Коронавирус в США – Белый дом

White House considers coronavirus pandemic "biggest test" in country's history.

White House Coronavirus Coordinator Deborah Burks told NBC, пандемия – худшее событие в истории не только для системы общественного здравоохранения, but for the whole country.

New outbreak of covid in the US

In its turn, CDC chief medical regulator Robert Redfield called the coming winter "the hardest time in history".

Recall, to date in the United States, more than 281 тысячи человек.

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