World Online Statistics of Coronavirus Covid-19

Global statistics on infections, dead and recovered from the Covid-19 virus is constantly updated.

In this article, You will always be aware of the first events in real time, coronavirus-related worldwide. You are provided with exclusively relevant and fresh information, by the number of infected, affected, and those who are on the mend at the moment.

World statistics of infection with coronavirus Covid-19 on 26.02.2021 year

In this section, You can always be aware of, the latest actual numbers for infections, recoveries and deaths from the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Affected Countries

Coronavirus statistics Covid-19 by 26.02.2021 year

For complete comfort, we made divisions of coronavirus statistics, by country and region.

From the table list below, You can determine your location, and compare it with other countries, by the number of infections, recoveries and deaths from the global pandemic covid 19.

Sort by confirmed numbers.

Country or RegionCasesDeathsRecovered

Covid-19 statistics for today 26.02.2021 year

Always be healthy, observe safety rules with Covid-19

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Coronavirus breaking news today (Friday - 26.02.2021 year)

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