Dr. Myasnikov dispelled rumors of vaccination: chipping, infertility, who shouldn't be vaccinated

The famous doctor answered the main question on the air: will vaccination save humanity

Alexander Myasnikov volunteered for clinical trials of a new vaccine against COVID-19. Photo: Alexander Shcherbak / TASS

Vaccination against coronavirus in Moscow is in full swing.

But many myths and rumors have arisen around the life-saving vaccination.. We took them apart on the air of radio "KP" with the famous .

Well no, the vaccine is normal. Our vaccine, despite the hype, raised around, works well enough. With unpredictable side effects. Then, what do the Americans show us there, Europeans, supposedly she is early maturing, unverified, so what? Even that AstraZeneca vaccine works exactly the same way.. So what can you do. Another question is why, what is the purpose? Because it will be difficult and long to achieve “herd” immunity from the vaccine. But risk groups, aged people, medics, chronic patients, I consider, that they need to be vaccinated.

Because the young have low risks, and he is vaccinated for that, to create herd immunity. But the elderly and the patient have very serious risks., so i think, what "yes, it is quite possible to vaccinate. In any case, I was also vaccinated to my patients for 65, or with chronic diseases, as well as colleagues, I recommend.

About infertility from the vaccine is, of course, strongly said.

No, such side effects are not recorded in any vaccine. We understand, no vaccine is one hundred percent effective and one hundred percent safe. But here's what our experience with this vaccine is, what the experience of foreign countries show, that there are no serious side effects. Common side effects are fever, chills, as always happens with some vaccines - nothing more. May be, some individual neurological consequences, but it's one in a million, and will this vaccine contain? Likely, no. Anyway, she is not more dangerous, than other vaccines, who have long been, many years in our practice.

About the chip, Well, you know, this is obvious nonsense. I find it difficult to comment, my intellect rebels against comments about the chip. You understand, Well, who needs you especially? But for the gifted I can say, that there was no need to start a vaccination with a chip - any person is given injections during his life. On medical examination, eg. Well, would have been chipped long ago. So this is nonsense. Don't think about that. Who's worried about chips? Men in 50-60 years? How long will you live? What future are you looking into, that they will manage you or download something with you? Let's live the rest of our lives with dignity, no hysterics about chips.

You understand, restrictions never stopped anyone. I mean disease. Here's a look at the countries, where were the strictest restrictions, where there were complete lockdowns, curfew, everything was completely closed for months - and that, stopped there covid? He goes his own way. It goes up, then goes down. Then, that the shaman is beating a tambourine there - go away, covid, we do not love you - this is nonsense, baby talk. All restrictions are to suspend, so that people do not get sick at once. With that, to match the bed capacity, the capacity of medical care for the admission of patients. All.

Who is ready, he may not enter these quarantines.

The tougher the quarantines, so they show, that less the country's government or governors are ready for this. The stricter the quarantine, the worse we were ready, the worse prepared, because only these medieval methods remain - let's close everything ... And where have you been before? Where is the sick transport service? Where are the hospital beds? Where are the frames? What did you do? Here in Moscow, by the way, done well. Moscow today is one of the leading cities in the world. I, as chief physician, I can clearly say, absolutely accurate.

I was totally against, to close churches on Easter in that first outbreak. I talked about it publicly and appeared on television. I am against the closure of temples in principle. What is temple closure? You understand, temples never closed, it was the last refuge in the wars, under occupations, during invasions, during epidemics, during pogroms, with all.

The temple is that place, which cannot be closed.

The temple is where people turn in case of extreme trouble. As well as extreme joy. This is the last refuge. If you close the temple, I consider, that this is absolutely wrong, because - what do you want to do? So that ARI does not hurt? Well, you think - ARI - it sneezed and forgot. Check out the official data. 1,4% mortality.

More brick falls on the head, understand. Why don't you close for heart attacks then, for cancer patients, etc.. etc.? you understand, what harm, which brings to the souls of people the closing of temples, much larger, than catch the disease and sleep for two weeks. Or even if there are complications. It is unacceptable, this is my firm opinion. I do not understand, why doesn't the church stand firm on this.

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