Film about coronavirus about the Covid-19 pandemic

In the same breath – фильм о коронавирусе или «На одном дыхании» – премьера фильма о первых днях пандемии коронавируса в Китае состоялась в день открытия фестиваля независимого кино Sundance в этом году, reported by CBS News.

The picture was shot by an American with Chinese roots Wang Nanfu. IN 2019 year his documentary "One Child Nation" won the Sundance Grand Prix.

Hiding from the audience the deadly danger of COVID-19

Wang's new project involves a team of brave producers and cameramen, who went to China in the early days of the pandemic, to investigate a government media campaign to hide the deadly COVID-19 threat from the public.

Covid-19 filming surveillance in the same breath

I've never seen so much censorship and surveillance, like making a film about COVID-19. Faces, who took part in the project, have been summoned by the authorities for questioning more than once. Some of them had to stop working on this film.. Others were so scared, what they had to think about changing careers.

In the film, the director also tells, why the states were unable to control the spread of the virus on their territory. The release of the project in the section "Documentaries about HBO and HBO Max" is scheduled for 2021 year.

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  1. Такие фильмы как о коронавирусной инфекции covid-19. ,будут всегда контролировать спец службы. Это же закрытая по сути информация, а кино, всеми образами пытается донести людям правду в открытой и понятной форме.


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