WHO identifies new source of spread of coronavirus covid-19

Wuhan resident Chen, which one 8 December 2019 of the year was diagnosed with the covid-19 coronavirus, informed the WHO mission, that his parents were shopping at the local grocery market, newspaper reports.

The version about the possibility of the emergence of the coronavirus Covid-19

World Health Organization experts (TRAIN) testing a version of the possibility of the appearance of coronavirus in another food market in Wuhan.

On Friday, The Wall Street Journal, citing sources said, that there is no connection between patient zero and the Huanan market, believed to be the epicenter of the first covid-19 outbreak, not installed.

Wuhan resident Chen, which one 8 December 2019 of the year was diagnosed with coronavirus, informed the WHO mission, that his parents were shopping at another local food market, newspaper reports.

This incident led WHO experts to the conclusion, what a virus, possibly, first transmitted from animal to human earlier than expected, and spread in Wuhan even before the Huanan market epidemic.

It should be noted, that the coronavirus tests of the parents of patient zero were negative, but it is not known for sure, when were they done and whether an antibody test was performed.

The exact location of the first source of coronavirus.

WHO experts intend to determine the exact location of this market, and also find out, is there a connection between it and other cases of the covid-19 coronavirus, identified in Wuhan in December 2019 of the year.

The WHO mission, in collaboration with Chinese colleagues, has already identified, that some of 174 cases, registered during this period, linked to other Wuhan shopping sites, but their names haven’t been released yet.

Study of the origin of the coronavirus Covid-19.

Head of the WHO International Expert Group, visiting China, zoonotic infection specialist (transmitted to humans from animals) and food safety Peter Ben Embarek told the newspaper, that after the visit to Wuhan, the group will continue to study the first cases of infection. In the coming days, WHO experts plan to publish recommendations for further study of the origin of coronavirus.

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9 thoughts on “WHO identifies new source of spread of coronavirus covid-19”

  1. I'm afraid, that we will never know the true origin of covid19.
    Not excluded, that it was created in one of the secret laboratories in China.

  2. I was really afraid to hear this news. This news is very bad for humanity.. Everyone should take care of their life.

  3. I'm afraid, we will never know, the exact time and reasons for the origin of the virus. Especially in China, there is so much in that market.. and it's not that important anymore, the main thing is to learn to live with him now.

  4. All these investigations will have no legal consequences.. The Chinese government will do everything, to cover your tracks.

  5. We are awaiting recommendations from the WHO expert group on further investigation of the origin of the coronavirus.

  6. I'm afraid, the history of the origin of the coronavirus will remain a dark place in history. TRAIN – what is it? Podhalimy Anglo-Saxons. Naturally, blame China for spreading the virus.

  7. Feel,that this infection will now always be with us. We just need to somehow adapt to this. Only this is how?

  8. So the second source appeared, coronavirus could have developed elsewhere, because for example, infected animal, if we talk about the transition, then it could run all over China … to put it mildly.

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