Nasal drops will help against coronavirus Covid-19, even children.

New prototype vaccine against coronavirus Covid-19 will suit even a child.

After a year of quarantine restrictions, scientists around the world have wondered about one secret - creating the safest and simplest vaccine against the Covid-19 coronavirus. Nizhny Novgorod scientists make a breakthrough vaccine against coronavirus Covid-19

How Covid-19 nose drops work?

Actually, this is a big project, and a number of vaccines are currently being developed to prevent viral infections. Work on this started two years ago, when we started developing a vaccine against norovirus and rotavirus infections. It is based on a molecular platform based on virus-like particles.

Virus-like particle based platform - What is it?

Molecules, which are artificially assembled from recombinant proteins, genetically engineered. They reproduce viral proteins and have the ability to form virus-like structures. It turns out a non-infectious virus particle. It does not contain an infectious agent, but its structure fully corresponds to a natural virus. Replicating structure, the immune system recognizes this artificial virus. AND, confusing it with the truth, produces antibodies.

Basically this formula works for most viral infectious diseases. therefore, when the coronavirus pandemic began a year ago, scientists from Nizhny Novgorod immediately began to adapt their developments to new challenges.

They took "chimeras" as a prototype - these are hybrid proteins, including components of two different viruses. Such chimeras must be assembled into virus-like particles with a double effect.. They can be used to vaccinate against two infections at the same time. for example, norovirus and coronavirus. The inner part of the virus-like particle consists of the base of the norovirus, and the outer part is coronavirus. This is a completely unique method..

New prototype of Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine for all ages.

New drop vaccine for coronavirus is suitable for children.

Unlike existing analogues, this vaccine is suitable for both children, and for the elderly. However, this is not the only difference between the Nizhny Novgorod version of the vaccine.. This prototype will be much simpler than current injection.

We are planning to create a vaccine for mucous membranes, which can be administered by applying to mucous surfaces. for example, respiratory system or oral cavity. In other words, these are ordinary nose drops.

This is the perfect shape, allows the active ingredients of the vaccine to enter the body through mucous surfaces and produce antibodies. The developing immune response will be adequate to the route of penetration of the virus - through the respiratory system.

Contraindications for nose drops from Covid-19

As conceived by the creators of the vaccine, everyone can use it - children, adults and seniors. true, it's too early to talk about the presence of contraindications.

The vaccine is currently at the stage of laboratory and experimental research.. To move to the preclinical and clinical research phase, we need an investor. Now we are looking for an investor - first of all, it could be a pharmaceutical company. If there is such an investor, we will be able to start production next year.

Still 10 years ago, vaccine prototypes were developed at the Biotechnological Center in St. Petersburg and the Research Center "Vector". They even passed the first phase of clinical trials., but then the funding stopped.

Then it was concluded, that HIV infection can be stopped by treating HIV infection. But in the past five years, the infection rate of the population is approaching the point, when they start talking about an epidemic. Therefore, we are now planning to combine our efforts with these institutions and create one version of the vaccine.

A universal vaccine for age against coronavirus infection Covid-19

Universal vaccine against Covid-19 and HIV

A little understanding of the above material, then we think that Russian scientists are at the peak of a breakthrough in the field of medicine. Indeed, in the plan to eradicate two diseases at once, it's like a worldwide pandemic of coronavirus infection Covid-19 and not a little-known Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

From our point of view, it looks more like an evolutionary push. After all, it is unlikely, without the current situation on earth, someone is thinking in the near future, on improving and eradicating HIV, at least at this rate.

Thank you for attention, understanding, and glory to the scientists and doctors of the Russian Federation! Keep it up, well done!

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  1. Я тоже согласна с вами. Куда же подевались болезни как орви грипп. Чуть что сразу ковид

  2. In our country, many people do not believe in a vaccine either.,this is certainly bad,many did not believe that there is such a virus…

    • Quite right, if the enemy exists, it's better to know him by sight …
      At least, we already think, that the coronavirus covid-19, acts similarly, how would an antivirus work on any operating system)

      After all, humanity is abundantly and diligently destroying the earth, and the earth has long been proven that a living separate organism.

      After the outbreak of coronavirus infection covid-19, many bodies of water in many cities came to life, where even fish appeared.

      Ask why?
      It's simple, there is no most dangerous virus for the earth at the moment. People!

  3. I don't know how real it is, but in our world everything is possible) Will watch, what will come of it.

    • Today I additionally read news in the Internet media. Russia is getting ready to really become a world power number 1 in the world, and a vaccine against the coronavirus of our production, it will approve.

  4. Vaccine - nose drops ,this is something new ,I would like to see this breakthrough of Nizhny Novgorod scientists )

    • We fully support your opinion, and look forward to the evolution of the coronavirus vaccine.

  5. About drops in the nose of children, I somehow doubt it. But in the vaccine, I completely trust.

    • Vaccination against coronavirus then yes, it's like a familiar state for us, like flu vaccination for example. But nose drops, it will look more loyal, in relation to children at least.

    • It would be better if all this did not begin at all … Humanity destroys itself, and direct evidence of this, this is just a pandemic of the coronavirus infection covid-19

  6. About drops,it seems to me,that this is complete nonsense. If only to run information noise somehow.

    • maybe, but the development is old, and was originally applicable to HIV, now want to combine HIV vaccine with Covid-19

  7. Many famous doctors in the world and in Russia deny the coronavirus pandemic, in their opinion, behind the pandemic is a political, not a medical aspect.

    • The economy will not collapse at this rate, yes, and all politics will go down the drain. How can you deny that, from what people die.

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