In Wuhan, loved ones of Covid-19 victims want to reveal the truth about coronavirus

Relatives of those killed by COVID-19, want to tell the whole truth about the coronavirus

Close people of victims who died from the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19 from China, intend to meet with representatives of the World Health Organization, to reveal the whole truth about coronavirus infection, which the Chinese government is allegedly silent about (according to the applicants).


We do not want, for WHO to come to China to cover up these crimes but we are always looking for the truth. – сказал житель Китая, whose father died in the 2020 year from Covid-19.

Chinese resident, also added, what does not want, чтобы ВОЗ стала “инструментом для распространения лжи”.
According to the agency, other relatives of coronavirus victims have admitted the alleged pressure on them.

WHO expert team arrived in Wuhan

WHO international expert group arrived in Wuhan in January. Experts plan to conduct a joint study with Chinese scientists on the emergence of a new coronavirus.

WHO has repeatedly stated, that the search for the source of coronavirus infection should begin with the Chinese city of Wuhan. In the summer, specialists have already visited China to prepare the main mission. The result of the trip was the development by WHO and China of a document on the research and program of the international scientific group.

Пекин придерживается ответственной позиции о данных эпидемии коронавируса

Back in April last year, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chuning emphasized, that Beijing has taken an open and responsible stance from the outset regarding the publication of data on the coronavirus epidemic.

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