The second wave of coronavirus did not touch the Chinese

While Europe is in the second wave of the pandemic, and the United States, Brazil and India choke in the first, in China 50 days without infections. The country comes alive in ports.

Why is there no epidemic there and can you trust the official data from Beijing.

From kovid 19 got infected 80 thousand, passed away 4,7 thousands.

Students in classrooms, employees in offices, hundreds of thousands of people travel on weekends.
Foreigners are returning from the end of September, with a valid residence permit in China.

Since January in a country with a population 1,5 billion people became infected 80 thousands of people, but 4,7 thousands died.
And in recent months, the situation is almost normal.

In June, the State Council of the People's Republic of China published an official document, “Fighting COVID-19: China in Action ". Contains 126 antivirus strategy points.

The first stage - identifying the epidemic in Wuhan - took a month, second - minimizing new cases - two, and the third - removing the virus from the city - three months.

The government is convinced, that the key to success is discipline and citizen solidarity. At the same time, state media highlights the role of President Xi Jinping - the "heart" of the Chinese Communist Party, as it was called in recent years.

China's response to the epidemic is clearly demonstrated by the strong leadership and scientific leadership of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party and Comrade Xi Jinping. ", - wrote in the columns of the party newspapers. The victory has already been marked. In early September, Xi Jinping personally presented medals to the heroes of the fight against COVID-19 at the House of the People's Assembly. in Pekin.

Вторая волна коронавируса не тронула Китайцев
Coronavirus in China today

President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping during an awards ceremony for individuals and groups for their contribution to the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic at the House of the People's Assembly in Beijing

Wuhan hospitals discharged all covid patients

The epicenter of the pandemic earlier this year was the multi-million dollar city of Wuhan.
After studying the results of tests from different laboratories, strict quarantine was introduced at the end of January..
Public transport was disrupted, ten million people closed their homes.

Doctors from other regions were transferred to the city, equipped with several field hospitals.
A 26 April, Wuhan hospitals sent home, all greedy patients.

There were still isolated outbreaks in the country, but they were quickly dealt with.
Some provinces also stood out for their temperature measurements in public places and the mask mode..
They have established strict controls on arrivals from abroad.

Wave of coronavirus in China

Many hotels have been turned into isolation wards.

Violation of the mask regime and quarantine in China.

This speed and effectiveness of anti-raspberry measures is primarily due to the fact, that the Chinese already had experience of previous SARS epidemics, emphasizes in the conversation the consultant of the Carnegie Moscow Center Temur Umarov.

"They knew, what is there to do", He says.

Cities, certain areas and even residential complexes were immediately closed during repeated outbreaks.
Local leaders, missed the virus, were removed from their posts.

AND, of course, bulk testing. checked in ten days, and according to different methods, some of them were checked several times.

Tracking systems helped too.
The so-called health codes appeared in popular Chinese applications, by which you can assess the risk of infection and possible contact with the carrier of the infection.
CCTV cameras were used to count those, who violated the mask or quarantine regime.

The ability of the authorities to impose strict restrictions and ensure that they are strictly enforced is essential for success in the fight against the virus.. However, observers note another important factor - social solidarity., discipline of the population. The Chinese are used to obeying all orders and trusting the authorities.

help covid Wuhan China
Discipline for Covid in China

Partial lifting of quarantine in the PRC

The first week of October is the weekend, dedicated to the celebration of the founding of the People's Republic of China or the "golden tourist season".

Moreover, the public holiday coincides with the traditional - Mid-Autumn.
Millions of Chinese are displaced from their homes on exciting trips. And the coronavirus did not interfere with their plans.

According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, traveled in the first days of October 425 million people, what's on 1,2 million less, than last year.

The occupancy rate of popular tourist sites is 75 percent.

Tickets for today are sold out ", - reported on Weibo (Chinese equivalent of Twitter), Badaling's official account, the most visited section of the Great Wall of China, 3 october. The tourism industry has brought 312 billion yuan (45,9 billion dollars) over the weekend of October.

Cinemas were revived too. FROM 1 by 4 october 62,4 million Chinese watched new videos.
There is nowhere for an apple to fall on the central streets. FROM 30 September, on the Weitai waterfront in Shanghai, armed police are on duty to maintain public order in the crowd.

Almost all restrictions have been removed. Only in the subway, In public transport, in state institutions it is impossible without a mask, this is closely watched, - said a resident of Shanghai Vladislav Gazin.

You can travel freely around the country.
But I do not know, how much they control it, - explains the interlocutor.

China travels during quarantine

There is no mask mode for coronavirus in Beijing

Vladislav considers official statistics to be reliable.
Life is back to normal, there are no queues in hospitals, like in winter. Besides, no video on the internet, photos or other information, indicating that, that the authorities underestimate the performance.

Chinese people take precautions very seriously.
In other large cities, the situation is similar.

Beijing has a mask mode, but overall everything is very relaxed, - explains a resident of the Chinese capital Ilya Vorzhev.

According to him, used to post a health code at the entrance to shopping centers, but now the guards are brushing their teeth and letting people in like this.

I don't follow statistics, However, apparently, no new outbreaks.
Chinese alarmists, they would immediately start discussing it.
If the numbers are underestimated, That's not a lot.

Protecting by masks against coronavirus in Beijing

Vaccination against coronavirus (Covid 19) in China (PRC)

Temur Umarov believes, that you should not completely rely on the data of the Chinese authorities.
They changed the method of counting new cases several times., deaths, asymptomatic infections have been neglected for a long time

But, seem to be, the situation is quite stable, there are definitely no big flares, hide it is unrealistic, and there is no need.
Meanwhile, the third phase of clinical trials of the coronavirus vaccine by local companies CanSino Biologics has begun in China., Sinovac Biotech и Sinopharm.

Since the end of July, hundreds of thousands of workers in vital enterprises have already been vaccinated in the country.
Observers expect, that the publicly available vaccine will arrive in hospitals in the coming weeks.

FROM 26 by 29 The 5th Plenum of the 19th CPC Central Committee will be held in Beijing on October.
And the authorities cannot be allowed, for such an important political event to be spoiled by a virus.

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