When will the coronavirus end forecast

One of the most exciting questions on earth at this time, this is when the covid-19 coronavirus infection pandemic will end. Scientists predict, what to 2022 the pandemic will come to naught, and why the expert doctors came to this conclusion, we described below. The article was published with the words and on behalf of famous virologists, in particular from the virologist Anatoly Altstein. We transfer information, completely for your viewing.

When will the coronavirus pandemic end in Russia?.

On a note: Forecast for the eradication of coronavirus infection covid-19, helped to get a number of scientists from the World Health Organization. Coronavirus on the way to the final stage, including in Russia. But! Don't jump to conclusions, throw the mask and run to the park all the more. Since this is a forecast, or even a guess, and they must not give or provoke a new outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Scientists predict, what to 2022 year coronavirus Covid-19 extinguished.

On the air of the Danish TV company DR, a number of serious statements were made. They gave an optimistic forecast, that the coronavirus outbreak will end early 2022 of the year!

Relax, of course, early, and you need to understand, that COVID-19 will continue to spread in 2021 year, but it will be easier to deal with, than in 2020 year.

The virus will continue to exist, but I don't think, that restrictions will be necessary.

In the photo, Director of the World Health Organization Dr. Hans Kluge.

Will Coronavirus End While Formulating New Coronavirus Threats.

WHO spokesman formulates new threats. Virus mutations and new strains, contrary to fears, will not become a serious problem for the developed vaccines. No need to create new vaccine variants from scratch, they can be modified to take into account new mutations.

But the biggest problem will come, when vaccination becomes really widespread and vaccinated people stay in the same environment, as those, who has not yet received the vaccine.

Professor of Virology, Doctor of Medical Sciences, National Research Center employee Anatoly Altstein talks about the end of the covid-19 coronavirus

When the coronavirus is about to end - reasons.

Professor of Virology: I want to believe it too, and there are certain grounds for such a belief. I think, in 2022 year we will consider, that the pandemic is over, although that doesn't mean, that there will be no COVID cases at all.

Vaccination will be our main concern, but masks and distancing will stay with us to some extent. An example is the countries of Southeast Asia and Japan., where people are used to walking in masks in places of concentration.

If we take Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, the production process is easy to adapt. Parameters of new deformations are introduced, and the machine starts working a little differently. This will have minimal impact on safety., and such a restructuring will not take long.

Scientists experts predict the end of the coronavirus pandemic Covid-19

Regarding vector vaccines, eg, vaccines "Sputnik B" from the Center "Gamaleya", then the situation with them is more complicated, but their adaptation is also possible, it just takes longer.

I also have no doubt, what vaccine, produced at the Chumakov Center, preparation Covi Vak, will show its effectiveness in the future.
Another thing, that it is difficult to produce in large quantities.

Digit in 10 million doses per year is quite real, but not enough for such a country, like Russia. If we are talking about other vaccines, then I have some concerns about Epi Vac Corona, for which we cannot obtain performance data.

Epi Vac Corona vaccine raises big questions.

From a theoretical point of view, this vaccine raises big questions. This is a very good drug for safety reasons., but its development violates a very important principle. Now we know for sure, that protein S is the main element, inducing immunity.

Epi Vac Corona does not contain this protein, she uses three peptides from shredded S-protein, and theoretically these three peptides cannot replace the S-protein.

I'm not clear, how they can fold into an immunogenic structure. maybe, i am wrong, but I would love to see the data from phase 3 clinical trials, and as far as I know, this phase is planned for only three thousand people. Means, I will not see convincing data yet.

The vaccine is a panacea against the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Here the point is, that vaccinated people may begin to behave in violation of anti-epidemic rules for psychological reasons. Their arbitrary behavior, idea of, that the vaccine is a panacea for disease, and if they got the vaccine, then they are on 100% safe, then such a misconception can spread.

A vaccinated person cannot be an active distributor of the virus, since the virus is unlikely to take root in his body, but infection of the vaccinated person is not excluded, and the likelihood, that he can transmit a virus, also exists.

With such a kind note, specialists and experts in the field of events and the development of coronavirus infection Covid-19 came to us.. We think that for many, it may even seem like a ray at the end of a dark tunnel. Such information, it is not a sin to share with loved ones and relatives. All health and a good future!

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  1. I think, что многое из того, что я читал в этой статье может произойти, хотя я больше беспокоюсь о людях, которые получают вакцины думаю, что они не должны иметь каких-либо забот или принять меры

  2. On the ground, for all the time of mankind, there were all sorts of outbreaks of the epidemic, it's all gone, with different losses, I, think, this pandemic will pass too. The virus is unlikely to go away, but people will learn to live with him, and over time, he will not be dangerous, as at this time.

  3. The more people get vaccinated and take precautions (masks, gloves), the sooner we defeat the coronavirus.

  4. And when the flu is over? So is the coronavirus, we will always live with him, it just won't be so scary, there will be reliable treatment, vaccinations, etc.. There will be no epidemic, but there will be just minor outbreaks of this disease.

  5. When people understand that this is complete nonsense and they are bred then the end, although most people are brainwashed and believe that he is this virus, and will continue to wear muzzles and inject all sorts of nonsense until they bend, and who will survive then they will come up with collars and put them on, but I will say that this is how it should be, there is a new threat called baranovirus )))

  6. Well, I think this virus has already tortured everyone and everyone is waiting, when will it end. Everybody believes, what soon. I also.

  7. The virus will be there for at least another year, but the vaccine will help all countries and save many people.

  8. Will hope, that it will be so. There is still a year to survive with this infection. I think the created vaccines will still help us. You just need to vaccinate everyone.

  9. I think,that before the end of the year,we will not take off our masks and gloves.,I feel that we will never be victorious..

  10. We think that for many, it may even seem like a ray at the end of a dark tunnel, regarding the spread of coronavirus infection Covid-19. Such information, it is not a sin to share with loved ones and relatives. All health and a good future!

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