Coronavirus infection Covid-19 drives people crazy

What psychological trauma does COVID-19

Представьте, that a stretcher with corpses is going down the corridor, such mental disorders in patients from coronavirus Covid-19. What to do, to calm down and avoid such violations, said in the article the medical psychologist of the infectious diseases hospital Ekaterina Makarova.

Stressful conditions of the infectious diseases department or intensive care unit with Covid-19

Being in the "red zone" becomes a serious stress for many patients.
The number of people infected with coronavirus in Samara is growing every day- and every day the number of people cured of the disease increases, successfully discharged from the "red zone".

Unfortunately, nor the coronavirus itself, neither the stressful conditions of the infectious diseases department or intensive care unit go unnoticed. Doctors say, that full recovery from COVID-19 can take several months.

However, it may take a lot of time to restore peace of mind.. What difficulties do patients face after a disgusting hospital and how to deal with them, told the medical psychologist of the department of rehabilitation and infectious diseases hospital named after. FROM. Middle Ekaterina Makarova.

Emotions are the main enemy of the psyche in coronavirus

How hard is a person suffering from coronavirus in a hospital, largely depends on the emotional stability of the patient himself before entering the "red zone".
For many, the extreme conditions of the hospital become a neurosis, fear and phobia.

Examples of psychotic disorders associated with Covid-19

After the infectious diseases hospital, many patients face serious psychological difficulties.
Prolonged stay in a state of uncertainty, the very fact of being infected with a virus, about which little is known and so many scary stories, doctors in protective suits, possibly death of roommates, all this leads to serious stress.

Many people begin to suffer from insomnia, some are even afraid to be in the dark. Someone represents, like a stretcher with corpses rolling down the corridor. According to the expert, the patients, who were already sick, often cannot get rid of the fear of remaining infectious.

Mass panic amid a pandemic does not promote peace of mind.

Some people still consider themselves infectious even after being discharged., afraid to go home and infect children. Sometimes we talk about purely physiological disorders in the brain., eg, if the brain is affected by hypoxia. The task of the psychologist is to identify all this, assess the severity of the injury and help the person restore emotional stability.

There is another category of patients, these are those, who has had a serious revaluation of values ​​after an illness. A person begins to appreciate and love himself, take care of your health. But even here there is a danger of going to extremes..

In this case, bright hypochondriacs often appear.. Hence the emotional lability, tears on first contact. Sometimes you ask a person, how did he sleep, and he starts crying back!

Medical psychologist of the infectious diseases hospital Ekaterina Makarova.

In Samara, patients are being treated after a severe or moderate form of coronavirus.

In the Samara Region, patients with severe or moderate coronavirus after being discharged from an infectious diseases hospital undergo treatment and rehabilitation in one of four sanatoriums with corresponding departments.

For the patient, this is a kind of transition between the "red zone" and normal life.. There are still doctors here, but they are in plain white coats and masks, not in protective suits, the atmosphere itself is more comfortable, you can sleep and relax.

Many are simply helped by an extensive conversation, for example with a psychologist, to be listened to attentively and sympathetically. This transitional stage is very important - says the psychologist.

Usually, in humans, treated for coronavirus at home, no such serious psychological problems, like patients from the "red zone". However, emotional disorders are possible., increased anxiety and sleep disturbances.

General advice to all, who suffered the coronavirus.

Do breathing exercises, patients receive their complex after discharge from the doctor.

Breathing exercises are an important self-relaxation technique., which helps to relax the body and move the brain from thinking about the bad to the perception of your body. Helps Cope with Insomnia. It is also good to meditate before bed..

Our website thanks very much, and from the whole team says Thank you! - medical psychologist of the infectious diseases hospital Ekaterina Makarova, for her work, and helping people in such difficult moments of life!

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  1. Да конечно не очень хорошие последствия. Я тоже от знакомых кто уже переболел слышал, что психика и настроение меняется. Человек становится каким то угнетённым.

    • На днях читал новости СМИ из телевидения. Погибла почти вся семья, от того что угорела от газа в доме. Осталась одна девочка живая. Ужас. Врачи констатировали, что погибшие попросту не учуяли запах газа, так как обоняние было деактивировано коронавирусной инфекцией covid-19 уже некоторое время. Ужас. Скорбим 🙁

  2. Сойдешь, здесь с ума. Весь мир запугали, задавили одними новостями про корону. Люди в панике и страхе живут. Её так расписали, что забыли про остальные болезни, про инфаркты, strokes, онкологию, да даже тот же туберкулез во много раз опаснее этого коронавируса. Посмотрите статистику смерти в мире, от чего люди больше умирают. От гриппа больше умирает, чем от ковида-19. Вообще мир сошел сума, все люди ходят в страхе от всяких пропогандийских СМИ

    • ДааааНасчет пиара по части коронавирусной инфекции Covid-19 вы совершенно правы, но суть сейчас главная в том, что на этом все может не прекратиться. И это страшно, если очередной штамм вируса мутирует с другой болезнью, то с таким распространением, при совокупности той же Эболы, то на земле будет страшныйад” (тьфу тьфу тьфу). Это искусственная модификация вируса, и представлять не хочется на что она способна

  3. Я считаю правильные слова сказаны в этой статье.Все доступно и понятно описано.

    • Если уже переболеете, то всегда сможете применить наши советы для восстановления после коронавируса. Но будьте лучше всегда здоровы!


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