Coronavirus has become more deadly: the doctor spoke about the new mutations COVID-19

Новые методики лечения помогают врачам справляться с болезнью COVID – 19

«Коронавирус стал более смертельным»: врач рассказала о новых мутациях COVID-19

Covid мутирует, становясь все более смертельным.

The new wave of coronavirus is characterized not only by the influx of sick people and constantly progressing methods of treatment. Unfortunately, the disease itself mutates, becoming more and more deadly. Последними новостями из «красной зоны» поделилась заведующая реанимации Республиканской инфекционной больницы в Махачкале Джамиля Амирханова.

Если раньше самым распространенным осложнением была гипоксия, now everything is much more difficult. Coronavirus has become more deadly. Brain complications have become much more severe, heart attacks have increased significantly, strokes, - says the doctor.

Осложнения от COVID-19 Тромбоэмболия

Thromboembolism was one of the worst complications of COVID-19 from the very beginning. However, now the situation has worsened at times.: doctors have to give up some antibiotics, increasing the risk of blood clots, leading to death.

«Коронавирус стал более смертельным»: врач рассказала о новых мутациях COVID-19

Such patients have not seen a doctor already 9 months

На сегодняшний день больным и в реанимации и в стационаре рекомендованы антикоагулянты, which thin the blood and significantly reduce the risk of thrombosis. We also try to get by with a minimum of antibiotics., we resort to hormone therapy, - explains Jamilya.

На этом фоне очень большой проблемой становится самолечение. As soon as people get sick, they immediately run for advice from those who have recovered and begin to drink the most difficult medications, - the doctor explains.

Unfortunately, antibiotics often have the opposite effect also because, that the virus forms resistance to them.

Таких пациентов часто почти нечем лечить – их организм уже ни на что не реагирует, - the doctor complains. - Everything would be completely sad, but, Fortunately, treatment methods are progressing. Thanks to them, we manage to save the most difficult patients.. But, whatever it was, we all have to admit: patients now really tolerate the disease much more difficult.

«Коронавирус стал более смертельным»: врач рассказала о новых мутациях COVID-19

Вторая волна covid-19 ударила по Дагестану

According to the doctor, now the former 12-bed intensive care unit has an average of 25-26 patients. But these are small things compared to the April-May tragedy 2020 of the year

Second wave of coronavirus hit Dagestan seriously, where does Jamila work. Now the former 12-bed intensive care unit has an average of 25-26 patients. And yet the doctor believes, that the republic managed to avoid disaster.

After, what happened in April and May we cannot say, what is terrible happening now. We are used to crazy loads. To the virus too. We manage, let every death cut off a part of our heart. In other regions, it seems to me, everything could be worse.

Suffice it to say, that we recently saved a man from the Krasnodar Territory. He came to us, because I couldn't wait for an ambulance for several days, arrived already in a very serious condition. Here he didn't have to wait long, brought to us. Saved, even though he had to lie down in intensive care, on the verge. Although I'll be honest, remembering patients and such cases are more and more difficult. After nine months, everything fades into the picture of one big fight or war with the coronavirus. But we believe, that we will win.

«Коронавирус стал более смертельным»: врач рассказала о новых мутациях COVID-19

Moments of joy and gratitude from patients help doctors not to fade in the hardest period

Milana Kadykhadzhieva, an infectious disease specialist at the Republican Center for Infectious Diseases in Chechnya, is working in the "red zone" 20 Martha.

It was she who identified the coronavirus in the first case in Chechnya, got sick herself and perfectly studied the new disease.

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