Infectionist of the Ministry of Health told about the ways of infection, and said that the coronavirus became more infectious

Which route is easier to transmit coronavirus?

In China, which the, as it is considered, defeated the epidemic, recently announced, what is the source of the new outbreak of COVID-19. According to foreign media reports, viral particles were detected in milk powder and whey ice cream samples from New Zealand and Ukraine, what, according to local experts, could be dangerous.


On the other hand, many remember the statement of the German researcher Strick, who assured, that there is no vital virus in the patients' homes, even on door handles.

Now this is especially true in relation to the emergence of more infectious strains., British and South African.

Respirator for coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

They gave two completely opposite examples. And probably, truth in the middle. We do not deny, that the path of everyday contact occurs through objects and surfaces.

This has been confirmed for many respiratory viruses., including SARS-CoV-2.
According to research, he can stay on objects, maintaining vitality for three days. Upon contact with infected surfaces, a person is at risk of transferring the virus to the mucous membranes, what can lead to infection.

However, it is obvious, that this path is not the main one. Конечно, the main route of transmission of coronavirus is by air. According to experts, home contact can be about 10% cases.

Coronavirus Covid-19 in products

If we buy products with home delivery in a few days, likely, no viable virus in the package.

If you buy vegetables and fruits in the store, and then rinse them in warm water, it'll be enough. Same, the virus is removed mechanically, that is washed off. In other cases, plus to everything, we remove the packaging and throw it away, which is enough.

Covid-19 мутирует и становится заразнее

Retreat of coronavirus Covid-19 will be in the spring

First, about the different variations. The first, what we learned is this, that viruses are characterized by rapid evolution, that is, the accumulation of mutations. And in that, that there are new variants of SARS-CoV-2, there is nothing special and beyond natural.

However, the emergence of a new strain does not mean, that the virus changes completely. To date, the options studied are very similar in their external structure.. It means, that all vaccines, which were developed to prevent coronavirus, are still effective at the moment.

And mass vaccination will allow you to cope with both previously known variants of the virus, so with new. At the same time, the increased infectivity of new strains makes vaccination even more important.. Now we must do our best, to vaccinate as many citizens as possible, to prevent further spread of infection.

Mass vaccination of the population against coronavirus infection Covid-19

Mass vaccination of the population against coronavirus infection has already begun in Russia. Anyone can get vaccinated today, by registering on the portal of public services. Also, a large amount of vaccine is delivered to the regions.

Since January, millions of doses have been produced in Russia every month. So I hope, that by the end of spring a significant part of the adult population will be vaccinated, and this will effectively affect the epidemic process.

Главный инфекционист минздрава говорит, что коронавирус стал заразнее

Viral hepatitis in the presence of Covid-19

The other side of the epidemic is medical care for patients with other diseases., especially chronic, which can lead to a serious deterioration, if the illness continues.

Viral hepatitis is still a very serious problem in the world as a whole, so in our country. The real mortality from such diseases is quite high., although we may not immediately see it. Because this is cirrhosis mortality, liver cancer, which is not included in statistics as an infectious pathology.

Dies from hepatitis B and C in Russia 30 thousand people - Covid-19 news

We conducted evaluative studies and found out, that annually from 25 to 30 000 people die due to adverse outcomes of chronic hepatitis B and C in Russia.

Against the background of Covid-19, Efforts should be made to reduce mortality from viral hepatitis. Fortunately, effective tools already exist to solve this problem.

Medicines have been developed for hepatitis C, which can completely destroy the virus in more than 95% cases. Patients can get it through regional programs or compulsory health insurance. However, until now, none of these mechanisms have been used effectively enough.. Improving drug availability is important.

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