Covid passports in Russia: who needs a vaccination document and why?

Russia will enter with a "covid passport".

Why is it needed and how the new document will look like

После начала вакцинации в мире всё чаще говорят о появлении “ковидных паспортов” для тех, who got himself vaccinated.

At the moment we are talking about the passport of the vaccinated.

So the document was named by the Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko, reports TASS. You can create such a passport for yourself on the website of the State Services, by going to your personal account.

The start dates for registration are indicated, like january 2021 of the year. It is assumed, that the passport will exist in electronic form. Its filling will begin with the COVID-19 vaccination mark, but in the long term this passport may contain information about other vaccinations.

One of the areas of application of the immune passport is movement between countries.

Such passports or certificates, what are these documents called, are needed for, to be able to travel while minimizing the risk of spreading infection, and so that upon arrival in another country there is no need to sit in quarantine.

However, It's not clear yet, how immune passports of some countries will be considered valid in other countries, eg, will be taken into account, what vaccine was vaccinated, antibody production and other parameters, and whether a separate agreement between the countries will be developed for this.

Ковид-паспорта в России: кому и зачем нужен документ о вакцинации

It's not clear yet, how immune passports of some countries will be considered valid in other countries.

In the meantime, the International Air Transport Association has developed its draft documents, allowing you to travel during a pandemic and then, when the spread of coronavirus will be finally brought under control.

This is a kind of travel card, which can be issued remotely, it will mark information about all PCR tests, which you did, about covid vaccination, will contain your passport details. In accordance with the current data, the system will generate a QR code, which will serve as a departure clearance.

Immune passports are being tested now in Israel.

In this country, they received the name "green passport" and will be issued to everyone vaccinated against covid with 17 january 2021 of the year.

Spain will take a different path, in the country will collect data on those, who refused vaccination. Accordingly, the country will share this information with other EU countries. And in the future, a common data bank on immunization of Europeans from covid will appear in Europe.

As reported by Reuters, The World Health Organization discourages countries from collecting databases of those people, who was ill with covid, and proposes to focus on the development of a registration system for vaccinated against COVID-19.

According to TASS agency, the WHO does not consider the passport of the vaccinated to be something extraordinary and continues to study the question of whether, which version of information about a person's vaccination can be applied in all countries. WHO spokesman Tarik Yazarevich said, that it will be a well-known card to everyone, containing vaccine data, which were made to man.

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