Mass vaccination against coronavirus and what complications arise after vaccination.

Mass vaccination responses about the COVID-19 vaccination campaign

The wider the vaccination, the more questions accumulate about its nuances for people with different health conditions. We continue to analyze typical situations together with experts.

In the memo, which is given to the patient after the injection with "Sputnik V", celebrated, that such post-vaccination complications are possible (Air defense):

  • Pain, itching, отек и покраснение в месте инъекции – 4,7% vaccinated;
  • Increase in body temperature more 37 degrees, body and muscle aches, chills or hot flashes, головная боль – около 6% cases;
  • Stuffy nose, насморк или боль в горле – 1,5% patients.

Всех этих реакций бояться не стоит – они никоим образом не говорят о заражении Covid в результате вакцинации. Developers explain, what will get infected with the Sputnik V vaccine itself (like EpiVacCorona) absolutely impossible.

Usually, post-vaccination complications are short-term, pass quickly, said the candidate of medical sciences Nikolay Kryuchkov.

With coronavirus, it is difficult to tolerate high temperatures?

If it is difficult to tolerate a fever or if you have severe pain, doctors advise taking paracetamol or ibuprofen (be sure to mark the contraindications for this or that medication in the instructions!)

Today, old age is not a contraindication for vaccination against Sputnik V. Более того, according to observations of vaccinated, often, the older the person, the less frequent and fewer side reactions he has after injection.

It should be noted that, that in Russia there has still not been an official publication on the types and frequency of complications during antioxidant vaccination for a wide range of people. Experts are eager to issue such a document.

Risk cannot be completely eliminated. Infectious disease doctors explain: antiviral vaccine, like any other, does not give 100% warranty, that you do not get an infection. Главное преимущество вакцины – защита от тяжелых осложнений и летальных исходов от болезни.

There are known cases of infection and mild COVID-19 in vaccinated people in Russia.

Hence, even with a mild or asymptomatic infection, a vaccinated person can pass it on to others. And if they, in its turn, have not been vaccinated yet, they can get seriously ill.

For this reason, although we do not have a broad immune layer (most vaccinated or recovered), Rospotrebnadzor supports the requirement to use masks in public places.

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