Mass vaccination against Covid-19 and is it possible to vaccinate expectant mothers and cancer patients?

Vaccination with Sputnik V vaccination campaign against COVID-19

The wider the vaccination, the more questions about its nuances arise in people with different health conditions. We continue to analyze typical situations together with experts.

Вакцинация препаратом “Спутник V”

The daughter works at school and plans to become pregnant in the near future. There are rumors, that vaccination is detrimental to offspring. It's true, and whether she needs to be vaccinated against Covid?
Only pregnancy is indicated in the list of contraindications to "Sputnik V", that is, the period after the conception of the child.

The vaccine is not currently recommended, if you are planning to have a baby in the next three months.

Массовая вакцинация от коронавируса: можно ли делать прививку будущим мамам и онкопациентам после операций

Pregnancy and contraindications for vaccination with Sputnik V

Foreign specialists in vaccination against covid adhere to the same.. “I don't see any problems, if a woman, who was vaccinated against the coronavirus, will get pregnant in the future ", – заявил в интервью немецкой газете Deutsche Klaus Клаус Цичутек, Head of the Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedicals Paul Ehrlich.

In short, for reliability after vaccination, it is worth postponing conception for at least a couple of months. Teachers and doctors at high risk of contracting coronavirus. therefore, according to the Ministry of Health, vaccination is recommended first.

Covid-19 in diabetes

Should I get the covid vaccine?, if i have diabetes 1 like and I take insulin five times a day?

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease. With such diseases, the risk of severe complications of covid is increased.. Therefore, vaccination is recommended, but, as the instructions say, carefully. It means, that before vaccination, the patient must definitely consult with his specialized attending physician.

The general rule is: during remission, if the disease is under control and there are no exacerbations, vaccination can be authorized taking into account the individual health status of the person.

Special Cases for Sputnik V Vaccination

About a year ago, my right lung was removed due to oncology. Can I get the Sputnik V vaccine??

Cancers are considered chronic. If the patient is in remission and is not undergoing cancer treatment, Sputnik V vaccination may be permitted. Но для начала нужно проконсультироваться с онкологом – убедиться, that the tumor process is really arrested.

Thanks to the experts for their help in deciphering the analyzes and explanation, thus, antibodies to coronavirus can be destroyed as quickly as possible.

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