Rectal swab application in China, for testing for Covid-19

The effectiveness of the smear in the test for coronavirus Covid-19

Li Tongzen, Deputy Head of the Department of Respiratory and Infectious Diseases at Yuan Hospital in Beijing, noted, that this method improves the accuracy of research.

Chinese doctors use rectal swab for Covid-19 test

Chinese doctors began using rectal swabs along with throat and nasopharyngeal swabs to screen citizens for coronavirus.

As previously stated in an interview with China Central Television, Deputy Head of the Department of Respiratory and Infectious Diseases at Yuan Hospital.
Beijing Li Tongzhen, this method improves search accuracy.

The accuracy of the smear test for coronavirus Covid-19

Taking a rectal swab, can improve research accuracy. According to Li Tongzeng, research has shown, that coronavirus samples persist in the rectum and secretions much longer, than in the upper respiratory tract.

He also noted, that patients with mild disease, it will not be possible to detect coronavirus with a swab from the throat or nasopharynx after three to five days of infection.

At the same time, Li Tongzeng noted, that this method is not so convenient compared to other types of PCR tests. Concerning, according to the expert, it will only be used for testing key populations at centralized quarantine points.

4 type of smear tests for Covid-19 infection test

Last week, the Beijing authorities announced, that a student of a school in the Chinese capital has confirmed the coronavirus. The institution has since tested all staff and students for COVID-19.

According to China Central Television, doctors performed four types of tests: oral swab, nasopharyngeal swab, blood test for antibodies and rectal smear.

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