Мнимый коронавирус: expert told, where do the symptoms of the disease come from, which is not

How to take control of emotions in covid, neurophysiologist Yuri Koryukalov told

Covid's fear gripped many of us especially in the spring, when the enemy was still completely new and unfamiliar.

– 2020-й – самый необычный год за последние сто лет. Even the plague or the "Spanish flu" cannot be compared with COVID-19 in terms of scale in coverage of continents. Panic swept the entire globe, and we got a collective effect, which can be called a pandemic of fear, – говорит ученый-нейрофизиолог, Yuri Koryukalov, candidate of biological sciences. Fear of the coronavirus gripped many of us especially in the spring

When the enemy, SARS-CoV-2, was still completely new and unfamiliar.

“People made a“ covid ”diagnosis for themselves, even with a minimal increase in temperature or immediately after meeting with a COVID patient. Even the most armored of us panicked - those, who understands the mechanisms of fear development ", – рассказывает исследователь.

Moreover, it has already been proven, that fear is the enemy of immunity.

– отрицательные эмоции неблагоприятно влияют на состояние слизистой, vessels and protective systems of the body;

– паника и страх приводят к сужению и спазму сосудов. Because of this, people have stomach aches., heart rhythm is disturbed, limbs grow cold and panic attacks occur;

– у тревожного человека может возникнуть термоневроз. This is what neurophysiologists call an increase in temperature due to nervous tension.. “Although the incubation period for coronavirus infection is at least 3 days, a person almost immediately after meeting a patient already notes an increase in temperature and convinces himself that, what got infected. Pure psychosomatics ".


Мнимый коронавирус: expert told, where do the symptoms of the disease come from, which is not

Scientist-neurophysiologist, Yuri Koryukalov, candidate of biological sciences.

When a person really gets sick, fear suppresses defenses, and coping with the virus is getting harder, – продолжает эксперт. – Заболевший переживает, gets tired and does not sleep well. Against the background of fatigue and lack of sleep, his general condition becomes worse., after all, during sleep, the body recovers its strength.

That is why Chinese doctors took the virus so hard., the scientist thinks. Due to the terrible overloads, they practically did not sleep and died not so much from COVID-19, how much from weakened immunity due to overwork and lack of sleep. The body "did not stretch", did not have time to recover.

Кстати, there is data, what people, who are experiencing pronounced negative emotions, have a higher biological age compared to the "passport". That is, in fact, they grow old faster and earn "age-related" diseases: cardiovascular, oncological, neurodegenerative.

Are we ourselves to blame, that we "wind" ourselves

Aggravating the condition of illness and preventing the body from fighting infection? Not certainly in that way, says Yuri Koryukalov:

They, who got sick, really experienced great weakness, headache, intoxication and shortness of breath. People have been cured long ago, and the "memory" of the symptoms crashed into the amygdala, which "sealed" these fears. It's hard to get rid of them. Even in young people after COVID-19, there is an exacerbation of joint problems, neurological complications, psychosomatic consequences, panic attacks.

If you took on faith, that COVID-19 causes shortness of breath, then be prepared to experience it after taking the subway or visiting a public place, – приводит пример нейрофизиолог.

Cases known, when people caught banal SARS, colds, diagnosed themselves with coronavirus and experienced shortness of breath, while their saturation (oxygenation of blood) turned out to be normal! People came up with a problem, which was not

Это психосоматика, which skillfully disguises itself as a disease. It turns out, the more you are afraid, the more harm you do to yourself.

In the same time, like any medal, coronavirus panic has a downside. From the very beginning of the pandemic, people appeared, who considered the virus a conspiracy and even money laundering by the Chinese.

Мнимый коронавирус: expert told, where do the symptoms of the disease come from, which is not

January 2020 of the year, the work of Chinese doctors in Wuhan.

Вы ежедневно видите таких в транспорте и общественных местах – они не носят масок и перчаток, twist everyone at the temple and resent, когда их просят надеть средства защиты.

In such cases, the person completely goes into denial., the scientist explains. “Are these people afraid? На самом деле – да. But it's much easier not to believe in the problem, than to recognize her. A man “scores” on safety rules, goes to underground bars and concerts, risking infection yourself and infecting your loved ones.

Some people think, что COVID-19 сродни обычной вирусной простуде

Таких расслабляет надежда на врачей и лекарства, and as a result, they often become the "main distributors". The main disadvantage is, that such persons are helping to spread the virus ".

During the spring wave of the pandemic, the distrust of some of our fellow citizens could still be partially justified: person could refer, that no one got sick personally in his environment, and he does not believe in "rumors" about a dangerous infection.

Сейчас же, when in Moscow alone more than 5 thousands of infected with severe symptoms, no one can say this. But the habit of denial remains - people find it easier to believe that, that they will have a chip installed, and a little AIDS will be added to the vaccine, than just putting on a mask (better respirator).

COVID-19 is a reason to sensibly re-evaluate your values

Grow up as a person and take an adequate look at what is happening, the scientist thinks. “Many have not just changed their attitude to their health - people have changed their whole life, including everyday life and work. Someone went into creativity, someone quit, realizing, that time goes too fast, and better spend it on family and other, already a favorite thing, how to live in the "driven horse" mode, tells Yuri Koryukalov.

  1. The best way to protect yourself from something is to learn more real facts about it.. Suggestibility led us into the "pandemic of fear", because of which we constantly waited for infection. I recommend reading the works of Daniel Schachter, outstanding American psychologist - it is he who talks about the "sins" of memory and simply talks about the complex. If you think, that you are ill, just follow the necessary procedures - from rinsing and irrigating the nose with sea water every 2 hour and gargle with an antiseptic before taking the necessary drugs, selected by a doctor. Concentrate on these simple, but action needed.
  2. Start doing breathing exercises. Deep breathing is good for relaxation too., and for those, who carries the virus. Doctors celebrate, that everyone who has had COVID-19 needs therapeutic breathing exercises to improve lung function. In practice, it helps to stop the fibrotic process., improving lung function.
  3. Learn to effectively relax your body. for example, using a warm bath before bed, a set of stretching exercises or professional apparatus, which relieve muscle spasm. Muscle relaxation allows for 10-15 минут переключиться с негативных эмоций на позитивные или хотя бы нейтральные.

Самый здравый подход, который вы можете выбрать

Это изменить отношение к своему здоровью и заботиться о близких, оставаясь в максимально спокойном состоянии. Носите маски и перчатки, старайтесь не посещать места массового скопления людей, но не впадайте в панику.

Слушайте любимую музыку, смотрите приятные вам фильмы и читайте интересные книги – это гораздо лучше, чем драматизировать ситуацию и портить себе настроение, напоминает ученый-нейрофизиолог Юрий Корюкалов.

Врач-инфекционист Георгий Викулов рассказал о составе вакцины для пожилых.

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