Photos of Perm students, lying on the floor by the patient's bed, all over the internet

Volunteer doctors were on duty all night near the patient of the covid department

A snapshot from a surveillance monitor flew around the Internet. Photo: FGBUZ TsMSCH №38 FMBA of Russia

– Мы не спали. We were just photographed at that moment, when we lay down to rest, – рассказывает Екатерина Волкова, third-year student of the pediatric faculty of Perm Medical University. – Состояние у пациентки стабилизировалось, we controlled, so that there are no new attacks. And there is no other furniture in the ward, so we lay down on the floor. From there you could see everything, and monitors, and patient.

Photo of three doctors in protective suits, asleep on the floor in the ward near the patient's bed, connected to the ventilator, spread all over the internet. Chief Nurse of the Covid Department of the Central Medical Unit No. 38 from the city of Sosnovy Bor, Leningrad Region, posted a snapshot from the surveillance monitor with a comment on the social network:

“I want to express my deep gratitude to Rasul, Kate and Lesha for that, that they took the shift outside their schedule and helped in difficult times on the shift. Guys, you are cool".

As it turned out, late at night, the patient's condition deteriorated sharply. She tried to rip off her oxygen mask, what threatened her with death from hypoxia.

Coronavirus infection affects not only the lungs, but also the central nervous system, – объясняет Катя.

And in this state, like a panic attack, the person does not control himself, he can rip off the mask, break out. Have to follow, so that he does not harm himself. This patient needed special supervision..

Therefore, there were three of us in the room, not because we have nothing else to do. And it was necessary during seizures to hold her on one side alone, the second - on the other, and the third to perform various manipulations, eg, put a mask on her.

«Мы не спали, только прилегли». Фото пермских студентов, лежавших на полу у койки больного, облетело весь интернет

Ekaterina Volkova: We have full protection: costumes, masks, gloves.

27 December, Perm medical students were on duty during the day. But, learning about the need to help the patient, returned to the department for the night.

I had a shift from 2 pm to 8 pm, – говорит Екатерина Волкова. – Но нас попросили помочь, because the rest of the employees had many other things to do. We returned at night, and stayed there until eight in the morning, until another shift came. And the boys started changing again from 8 in the morning, I managed to get some rest - my shift started with two.

Six children from the student medical team "Salus" of the Perm Medical University arrived in Sosnovy Bor in early December. They were invited to work during distance learning. They, who has a nurse certificate, work as nurses: put on droppers, make injections, feeding heavy patients. The rest work as orderlies: clean the premises, caring for patients, control those, who is unconscious.

The guys are officially employed before 31 December.

In the new year they will return to Perm for a session. And then they are going to return back to the Sosnovy Bor hospital.

You came to the hospital voluntarily, – спрашиваю Катю. – Не страшно вам было?

It's safer to work in the covid department - you know, what are you defending against. We have full protection: costumes, masks, gloves. More likely to get infected on a bus or shop, – улыбнулась девушка.

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  1. Из таких неравнодушных студентов получаются лучшие врачи. Хотела бы я , чтобы мне попались такие. Катя, Расул и Леша -вы лучшие!

  2. Студенты молодцы.
    Они отдали все силы для того чтобы больной коронавирусом был жив. Это лучший пример , когда наша молодёжь , без страха на лице помогает больным выжить.
    А то что на фото их засняли спящими, так вы сами попробуйте двое суток на ногах!

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