The new mutation of the coronavirus is more contagious: how great is the danger?

Coronavirus mutates and becomes more infectious!

Countries close borders with Great Britain, where the next Sars-Cov-2 strain was found

Alarming news about the mutation of coronavirus came at the beginning of the week.

Alarming news about the mutation of coronavirus came at the beginning of the week. stated, what a new kind of virus, which is increasingly being diagnosed in sick UK citizens, on 70 percent more infectious, than usual.

In this regard, London has introduced a maximum level of restrictions: a cafe, restaurants and bars were banned from accepting customers (only takeaway and delivery), canceled mass public events, fees of more than 6 person, etc.. P.

The World Health Organization said here, which will study the data on the mutation. And soon the information began to flow, that the same modified variant of the virus was found in Denmark, The Netherlands, Australia, South Africa, etc.. d.

The new mutation of the coronavirus is more contagious: how great is the danger

Geneticists have discovered a new strain of coronavirus

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, what a new kind of virus, which is increasingly being diagnosed in sick UK citizens

confirmed, what geneticists have discovered strains of coronavirus, which has a higher infection rate. And it is precisely because of this more contagious strain that the South East of England is now on fire..

At the same time, noted the head of the British Ministry of Health, there is no evidence of, that this mutated virus is more deadly or even harder than usual. And, that this mutation may be immune to developed covid vaccines.

Новая мутация коронавируса более заразна: как велика опасность

Health Secretary Matt Hancock Confirms Novel Coronavirus

Matt Hancock UK Minister of Health confirmed, what geneticists have discovered strains of coronavirus.

Specialist in highly dangerous infections, the therapist-immunologist also does not see the reasons for panic:

Coronavirus is constantly changing - this is a feature of all microorganisms, they quickly adapt to changing conditions. They have this variability in their genome.

If the mutation proves to be beneficial for survival, then it begins to accumulate in the population. And such a mutated virus replaces the "outdated model".

Tracking changes in the old and new types of coronavirus

Experts constantly monitor these changes. Sars-Cov-2 has already recorded thousands of them, but none of them has led to anything particularly terrible so far. And so far there is no reason to predict, which will lead.

Yes, found in the UK, what's their strain on 70 percent more infectious, than usual. But if you understand, what happens? One measles patient, eg, able to infect 18 a person is one of the highest rates in infectious diseases.

And the patient with the coronavirus still infected 1 – 1,5 people in their environment. Even if you increase this indicator by 70%, the maximum is obtained 2,5. It's not disastrous, - commented on the situation Vladislav Zhemchugov.

Новая мутация коронавируса более заразна: как велика опасность

Sure, the British authorities fear that, that the increased incidence during the Christmas holidays will bring down their health care system. And it will hit the government.

Really, healthcare systems in many European countries were already working at almost full capacity. An increase in the number of patients due to the more rapid spread of the disease can lead to collapse. Therefore, many countries have decided to close their borders with Great Britain..

The Netherlands immediately announced the cancellation of flights until at least 1 january. Belgium - for a day (apparently, pending clarification). According to media reports, similar measures were planned in Italy, Germany, Austria, Israel, France. Bild reported, that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is going to press for closing EU borders for the British.

  • Bulgaria (with 21 December to 31 january)
  • Italy (to 6 january, also prohibited even transit entry for those, who are the last 14 days was in the UK). Кстати, a new "British" strain has already been identified in the country.
  • Germany (with 21 December to 31 December, the decision will not affect medical and postage)
  • Austria (arrival ban)
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Ireland
  • France (air traffic is suspended for 48 hours)
  • Israel (Moreover, country suspends flights from Denmark and South Africa, where a new strain of coronavirus was also found)
  • El Salvador (no entry for topics, who visited the UK and South Africa)
  • Estonia (to 31 December)
  • Lithuania (to 31 December)
  • Turkey (also temporarily suspended flights with Denmark, The Netherlands and South Africa)
  • Switzerland (also with South Africa)
  • Croatia
  • Latvia (no decision has been made yet)
  • Sweden (the decision will be made on Monday)
  • Czech Republic (10 days for citizens, returning from the kingdom. Air service is still valid)
  • Greece (7 days for all arriving)
  • Cyprus (14 days)

Spain to strengthen control of PCR tests on arrivals from UK. Now visitors from countries with a high prevalence of COVID-19 must provide texts for the absence of coronavirus, made the maximum for 72 hours before arrival.

There is no evidence yet, that the mutation is more dangerous than the existing COVID-19

Earlier, a new type of infection was discovered in the UK .

Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage said, that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson “became the reason for the first 1939 years of evacuation " .

Top medical experts spoke about the prospects of vaccination and the strength of immunity to infection.

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