New mutation of coronavirus Covid-19 has become more dangerous in 10 time

According to a report from the latest roundup of international Chinese media, a laboratory study in one of the journals warned, what is currently common, the new mutating coronavirus is resistant to antibodies, and to neutralize such antibodies Covid-19, required in 10 times more vaccine power.

The new mutated coronavirus covid-19 is more dangerous in 10 time

According to Michael C, MD, University of Washington. Diamond, the new coronavirus covid-19 enters cells through the S-thorn protein, causing infection, where the infected person is the same, develops protective antibodies against the spike protein.

Spreading mutated coronaviruses B.1.135 B.1.1.7 and B.1.1.248

Since winter 2020 the rapidly mutated species of coronavirus, were discovered in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Brazil and other regions.

The most dangerous of them are strains of coronavirus B.1.1.7 (from the United Kingdom), B.1.135 (from South Africa) and B.1.1.248. (From brazil).

Genes, so to speak, the spike proteins of these viruses contain multiple mutations, which can reduce the effectiveness of all drugs and vaccines, currently used for prevention or treatment.

Resilience of the new mutated coronavirus Covid-19

To assess the resistance of the new mutated coronavirus Covid-19 to antibodies, Diamond Research Group, tested the neutralizing ability of antibodies against mutations of three viruses in laboratory conditions.

They have extracted antibodies that fight coronavirus in people who have recovered from infection, and Pfizer vaccine recipients, as well as from the blood of mice, hamsters and monkeys, with immunized vaccine.

Was found, that the mutated virus B.1.1.7 can be neutralized by the level of antibodies, similar to the original virus, but to neutralize the other two mutant viruses, it is required 3,5-10 times more antibodies.

In the same time, drug testing for antibodies involves opposite results - effective and completely ineffective.

Dangerous strains of coronavirus Covid-19 B.1.1.7, B.1.135 и B.1.1.248

Resistance studies of mutated coronavirus

Further research has shown, that the resistance of the virus to antibodies can be explained by the mutation of one amino acid E484K, which is found as in B.1.135, and in B.1.1.248. B.1.135

Doctor added, that the results of this study are of great concern. Some people have been infected or vaccinated. We originally thought, that their body already has protective antibodies for the formation of immunity, but their resistance to new mutated coronavirus species is worrying.

Elderly people again at risk of coronavirus infection Covid-19

Number of antibodies, produced by each person, very different. Some people have very high antibody levels, and they still have sufficient resistance, to avoid the threat of new mutated covid-19 viruses.

But some people, with weaker resistance, e.g. elderly people, have less powerful immunity. Their immune functions have slightly lower levels of antibodies in their bodies.

If the level of antibodies, necessary to effectively fight the virus, increased in 10 times compared to the past, quite possibly, that this group of people does not have enough antibodies in the body. Then these people, who most deserve protection, cannot be protected as efficiently as possible.

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  8. Again, a new mutation of the coronavirus, as we expected, that while humanity will fight the first version of the coronavirus, then a new type of Covid-19 will be released.

    One thing we could not predict, It `s that, that he will be more dangerous in 10 time!
    Brace yourself, and hope, that this variant of the mutated coronavirus, will not leave the PRC …

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