New outbreak of Covid-19 coronavirus infection in China. Cambodia

original name: IN 32 Chinese Citizens in Cambodia, diagnosed with a new coronavirus infection covid-19, Cambodian Prime Minister Calls Not To Discriminate Chinese.

In China 32 citizens in Cambodia diagnosed with novel coronavirus covid-19.

According to the latest news from France-Presse agency, Prime Minister of Cambodia Hun Sen confirmed on the 20th, that in the Chinese community of the country, there was an outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia. The test results showed, what 32 Chinese citizens have been diagnosed: novel corona virus covid-19.

We discovered 32 cases of large-scale infection of the population ... This is a very bad situation for us, said Hong Sen in his speech on television. According to the report, Hong Sen confirmed, that all those, who tests positive today, are Chinese.

Test result, identified in 32 Chinese citizens infected with the new coronavirus covid-19.

Agence France-Presse said, that the case was discovered, because a group of Chinese citizens in Cambodia, tested for the new coronavirus, to apply for departure. Hong Sen emphasized in his speech: It happened to Chinese citizens, (but), you are welcome, do not discriminate against the Chinese people.

Third spread of coronavirus covid-19 among the population of Cambodia.

According to the Cambodian China Times from 20 February local time, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen described the spread of the community as an incident 2,20. According to reports, Hong Sen speaking on national television this morning (20-him) pointed out, that incident "2.20" was the third prevalence among the population of Cambodia.

Also on the 20th, a reminder was posted on the website of the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia, which appeals to Chinese citizens in Cambodia, strictly follow the rules for the prevention of the epidemic in Cambodia.

The embassy statement says, that recently, some Chinese citizens who came to Cambodia, illegally left quarantine hotels. These actions seriously violated the relevant regulations of the Cambodian government to combat epidemics, which not only seriously hampered Cambodia's epidemic prevention efforts, but also allegedly violated relevant local laws.

Compliance with the rules for the prevention of the coronavirus epidemic.

The Chinese Embassy in Cambodia urges: Chinese citizens in Cambodia must strictly adhere to the Cambodian government's epidemic prevention regulations and actively cooperate with Cambodian health authorities in related epidemic prevention work.

Chinese Government Calls on Chinese Citizens in Cambodia, strictly observe the rules for the prevention of the epidemic against the covid-19 coronavirus.

If someone develops symptoms, associated with new coronavirus infection, then please, seek medical attention immediately, not hiding; if someone is diagnosed positively, you are welcome, actively cooperate with the isolation treatment of the authorities and inform them truthfully about their history of close contacts.

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  1. Будет ещё долго нас тривожить этот вирус с короной,теперь в Камбоджу нельзя.

  2. Или природа уже не выдерживает наши капризы или кому то это выгодно из верхушек.

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  5. Alas, история с вирусом без хэппи энда(((В предсказании, уже и не припомню чьем, говорилось о биологической войне. Вот она и началась: с одной стороны человек мирный, с противоположнойвирус и его создатели. Новые вспышки эпидемии, мутация вирусаэтому всему противостоит Хомо Сапиенс.

  6. По-видимому вирус очень быстро мутирует и поэтому новую коронавирусную инфекцию можно ожидать теперь когда угодно и где угодно.
    Толи еще будет

  7. Why do all viruses come to us from China? Someday we will know the truth…
    While it's a mystery.

    • I'm afraid to upset you, but we are unlikely to find out the real source of the spread of the coronavirus infection covid-19.

  8. It will be so,In Cambodia,somewhere else, it doesn't matter, very effective biological weapon

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