New infections with coronavirus Covid-19 in the United States with overcrowded hospitals

Rhode Island hit by Covid-19 coronavirus. Dense population of vulnerable citizens, set the stage for a frightening epidemic, and suffers from a huge increase in the spread of the pandemic.

Seniors arrive for pandemic vaccinations at St Anthony Parish Center in Pottucket, Virginia, but the state itself has already been severely affected by the coronavirus. Cases to eradicate coronavirus infection are far from uphill.

Wave of coronavirus Covid-19 in Rhode Island USA

After a calm summer, Doctors at Rhode Island Hospital began seeing one or two Covid-19 patients per shift, and soon three or four.

The number of cases grew steadily until the beginning of December, when Rhode Island earned dubious recognition, What's on 100.000 people account for more cases of illness and death, than any other state in the country. Morbidity rate, currently puts it in the top five critical states in terms of incidence.

Health advocate shocked by coronavirus

Dr. Megan Rennie, public health researcher and advocate, is also an emergency room physician at Rhode Island Hospital, who personally saw the full scale of the crisis in the state in connection with new infections of Covid-19.

Then, what she saw in one shift, she cannot convey in simple words.

Dr. Megan Rennie, Covid-19 coronavirus researcher and public health advocate

The influx of coronavirus began in the fall and continues to this day

Autumn cold sent people indoors, where the risk of infection is highest, and the holidays just at this time united people in large masses.

Rhode Island is essentially a small state, and it can be crossed in an hour. But a million people live in this small neighborhood, and by population density, state second only to New Jersey.

Epicenter of covid-19 coronavirus infection in Rhode Island

The epicenter of the coronavirus Covid-19 in Rhode Island

Central Falls, is the epicenter of the epidemic in Rhode Island, and has a population density 16.000 person per square mile, which is almost double, than in Providence.

Just imagine, 16.000 man per square mile - said Dr.Pablo Rodriguez in surprise, member of government committee, who is leading the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine in Rhode Island.

Besides its density, Rhode Island has a high percentage of elderly residents in nursing homes, which account for the bulk of deaths.

There are many urban areas in the state, where language barriers made immigrant families in multi-generational homes particularly vulnerable.

For months, hospitals in Rhode Island were overcrowded. Doctors and nurses tried to cope with the growing workload, often without protective equipment, which they needed, with ever-changing guidelines and with their own sustainability, stretched to the limit.

The fight against coronavirus Covid-19 for survival continues.

Conclusion on coronavirus in Rhode Island USA

In our opinion, this is a terrible situation associated with the spread of coronavirus in a densely populated area of ​​the country. Now, the main factor, is the containment of infection within the focus.

Try not to travel outside the red zone, because the coronavirus only wants this, so that its scale grows as extensively as possible.

Follow the news on coronavirus on our website, we publish the most important material, who will be able to inform you about a possible threat to your life.

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