Those who have had coronavirus do not need to be vaccinated

Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova clarified, people who have had coronavirus do not need to be vaccinated

By order of the president 18 January in Russia began mass vaccination against coronavirus. Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova at a government briefing, Head of the Department for Combating the Spread of the New Coronavirus Infection, spoke about the state of affairs with the development and use of vaccines. Here are the most important quotes from his speech.

Наши ученые быстро создали и зарегистрировали – первые в мире – вакцины Sputnik Центра Гамалея и EpiVacCorona Центра Vector. The finalization of the CoviVac vaccine by the Chumakov Center is almost complete.

Вакцина “Спутник” имеет уже масштабное применение.

"EpiVacCorona" Center "Vector" began to reach out to citizens and be used to vaccinate the population. At the same time, serial production will be provided from February 2021 of the year.

Вакцина “КовиВак” Центра Чумакова

This vaccine is a purified, concentrated, inactivated vaccine, which is injected twice with an interval of 14 days, where the real, но “убитый”, “ослабленный” вирус.

It triggers an immune response in the body, but by itself is not capable of developing into a disease.
Transport and storage temperature of the developed vaccine +2 + 8 degrees, that is, it can be stored in a regular refrigerator, which makes it easy to transport and use.

Clinical studies have confirmed the safety of the vaccine

Clinical trial data have confirmed the complete safety and low reactogenicity of this vaccine. (it means, that the vaccine is easily tolerated). The majority of subjects developed stable immunity on the 28th day after the first vaccination..

It is assumed, what 19 January, the Chumakov Center will submit a package of documents to the Ministry of Health, required to start the vaccine registration process. Registration is scheduled for 16 february 2021 of the year.

According to scientists, the key condition for the transition to manageability of COVID-19 infection is mass vaccination of the population. The required level of vaccination is also determined by scientists., excluding those already sick, as well as children up to 18 years. it 60% population of Russia, or 68,6 million people.

Decreased antibodies after suffering from Covid-19 disease

According to scientific research, despite, that after a previous illness, antibodies in the body of a sick person can gradually decrease, it does not mean, that cellular immunity or cellular memory has disappeared.

These are isolated cases, and all our observations testify to this. Therefore, the, who has had a new coronavirus infection, it's not worth rushing with vaccination yet.

Vaccination will be carried out mainly with the Sputnik vaccine, далее – вакцинами Sputnik и EpiVacCorona от центра “Вектор”. И после будет добавлен “КовиВак” от Центра Чумакова (in case of successful registration)

Vaccination will be provided free of charge for citizens on a voluntary basis.

Before vaccination, a citizen must sign a voluntary informed consent. Vaccination is carried out to citizens, not having medical contraindications.

Кому вакцина противопоказана – временно или полностью, is it worth taking tests before injection and other important nuances, explained the candidate of medical sciences Nikolay Kryuchkov

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