Why there are few people vaccinated against the Covid-19 coronavirus in Russia

Why so few people are vaccinated against Covid-19 in Russia? After all, the Russian Federation is one of the first countries, who invented a quality vaccine against the coronavirus pandemic.

The reason for the low vaccination against coronavirus Covid-19 in Russia.

We are currently running two processes at the same time.

  • One side, The Ministry of Health is trying to guarantee the residents of the country maximum vaccination coverage and vaccinate, first of all, the most vulnerable.
  • On the other hand, they try to sell this vaccine more to other countries and offer it for export.

You need to understand, that having its own share of vaccine production in the world market is important for the country's prestige. But, taking into account the interests of Russians in the first place, these contracts will be implemented, including, by launching the production of the Russian vaccine in other countries.

Argentine doctors familiarize themselves with the Russian vaccine "Sputnik V" before the start of mass vaccination.

Sputnik V is produced by commercial pharmaceutical companies.

For a long time they say, that Russia can shock, having purchased antibiotic vaccines abroad. Generally, Sputnik is produced by non-state factories, and commercial pharmaceutical companies.

But why then strive to sell abroad, if for the domestic market the approved price of two doses for today is 1942 ruble, and for the external market - 10 dollars per dose? That is, only about 1500 rubles - it turns out, that export is even less profitable, than internal procurement by public procurement.

Anyway, if the goods of Russian pharmaceutical companies are sold abroad, money flows into the economy of our country. However, there is still no reason to believe, that Sputnik's exports strongly interfere with vaccination in Russia, Nikolay Bespalov thinks. As I know, medicines are mainly supplied abroad, which the domestic vaccination system cannot currently register.

The fact, that in parallel with the production of vaccines, infrastructure is still being built - this is the process of delivering drugs to the regions, organization of vaccination points, recruitment, etc.. d

The complexity of producing a Covid-19 vaccine

Compared to mRNA vaccines, such as Pfizer and Moderna coronavirus vaccines, then their production is technologically much easier, simpler, faster and cheaper, than adenovirus vaccines, such as Sputnik V.

Not Pfizer, neither Moderna reports the total number of doses of their vaccines released, but it is known, what 61,5 million people have already been vaccinated with these two drugs, let's say, in the USA and Israel. And the production volume of Sputnik, according to the latest official data, totaled only 8,62 million doses.

Even taking into account the launch of new batches of Russian vaccine over the past week and a half, there is a huge difference in the amount of the drug, produced by us and foreign developers of mRNA vaccines.

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12 thoughts on “Why there are few people vaccinated against the Covid-19 coronavirus in Russia”

  1. Рост зараженных только растет и по этому вакцинация населения нужна. Только надо правильно донести до народа, а что касается экспорта он был и будет.

  2. Русский человек боится неизвестного, тем более сколько видео ходило о вреде прививок против коронавируса.

  3. People are always afraid of the unknown. Another thing is that in vaccinated people, coronavirus infection proceeds in a mild or asymptomatic form. I hope everything will return to normal this year.

  4. It's very difficult to talk about this, on the one hand Countries in need of a vaccine on the other hand Russia with its proven drug… Sputnik V is a real help to all people on the planet!

  5. Not quite so and little are vaccinated, but as such, people do not go to get vaccinated. In my opinion, that the vaccine is still damp and people are just afraid to do it. Will it be useful or vice versa.

  6. Я думаю все не просто потому,что не отлажен механим,нет четких правил. Надеюсь в этом году все нормализуется.

  7. People are always afraid of the unknown. And it is generally not clear how the body will react to this vaccine. , maybe in years 5 from this vaccine some mutants will be born.

  8. I think because the vaccine does not give a 100% guarantee, that you don't get the coronavirus. Another thing, that vaccinated people have mild or asymptomatic coronavirus infection. And such a person, without knowing it, can infect others.

  9. During a pandemic, the vaccine issue is very relevant, and understanding these processes is really important.

  10. Yes this is pure economy!!! You read the article and think:and who needs it all? It is more important to vaccinate the people or fill up their pockets?… Rhetorical question.

    • Yes already, but it seems that your comment generally answered the question itself. ))) Instill the people, to fill up your pockets …

  11. That is how we live, export, trade, sales of the most valuable drug at a given time. The economy …

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