Re-vaccination against coronavirus Covid-19 needed

Research shows, what people, survivors of Covid-19, should receive another single dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

New research shows, that one shot of the vaccine can significantly increase the level of antibodies in those, who recovered from coronavirus.

By now, almost 30 million people in the United States and probably, a lot others, whose diseases have never been diagnosed.

Should Coivd-19 Vaccines Still Be Vaccinated??

Two new studies provide a strong answer to this question..

Actually, studies show, that these people only need one dose of vaccine, to boost their antibodies and wipe out the coronavirus - and even some other infectious variants.

The new research findings are consistent with the findings of the other two., published in the last few weeks. Taken together, studies show, what people, survivors of Covid-19, should be immunized, and one dose of vaccine may be sufficient.

Few antibodies during vaccination against coronavirus Covid-19

Human immune response to natural covid-19 coronavirus infection varies greatly. Most people develop large amounts of antibodies., which persist for many months. But some people, who have had mild or no symptoms of Covid-19, produce few antibodies, which quickly fall to an undetectable level.

Vaccination against Covid-19 right at the car rental.

One vaccine will not help African Crown B.1.351.

In the latest study, which has not yet been published in a scientific journal, human blood samples were analyzed, survivors of Covid-19. Results showed, that their immune system will have problems reflecting B.1.351, variant of coronavirus, first identified in South Africa.

But one shot of Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccine changed the picture significantly: he increased the number of antibodies in their blood a thousand times.

Filled with antibodies, samples from all participants could neutralize more than B.1.351, but also coronavirus, caused the SARS epidemic.

Actually, antibodies worked better, than people, who did not get the first Covid-19 and received two doses of the vaccine. Numerous studies have shown, that Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines are about five times less effective against this option.

Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna for Covid-19 coronavirus booster vaccination

The specialists took blood samples from 10 volunteers at the Seattle Covid-19 Cohort Research Center, who were vaccinated a few months after being infected with the coronavirus. Seven participants received the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, and three for the Moderna vaccine.

Blood, taken about two to three weeks after vaccination, showed a significant jump in the amount of antibodies compared to the samples, collected before vaccination.

Researchers don't know yet, how long the increased antibody count will last, but we hope, that they will last for a long time.

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  1. These new strains are already 3 or even more. And there will be even more I'm sure, it is unlikely that it will ever end, most likely we will adapt and will live with it like with the flu

  2. The death of loved ones due to this disease is very painful., I hope so too, that we will never taste it. Really want to, so that everything is like in the past and that this disease disappears. Be sure to follow the principles of hygiene.

  3. The chemical composition of the vaccine is curious: humanity has the right to be informed, what is injected into his body.

  4. The news is certainly not pleasant. Thank God a vaccine for the first virus has been invented. Scientists will find the reason for the development of the new stamp of South African Covid-19 and will invent drugs against it. In any case, now you still need to vaccinate..

  5. More questions so far, than answers… There are many lobbyists, promoting the vaccine, there are many of her opponents, you do not know, who to believe.

  6. Yes, it was so clear,the virus will change,and the effect on the body is also not clear to the end,We do not know,what will it turn into over time,now, as they say, it's too early to talk about it

  7. That's how friends. While we are deciding how to get rid of the first type of coronavirus, appeared as we said a new strain of South African Covid-19 B.1.351. The infection develops faster than they manage to fight it. It is not good … 🙁

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