Coronavirus vaccinations after 60 years: Why was it allowed only now and how to prepare

Infectious disease doctor Georgy Vikulov spoke about the composition of the covid vaccine for the elderly

In Moscow with 28 December starts vaccination of people older 60.

Infectious disease doctor Georgy Vikulov answered questions about vaccinations on the air.

No, there was no plan to create a separate vaccine for the elderly. The composition of the vaccine is absolutely identical. The fact, that for vulnerable categories of citizens, where small children go, persons of older age groups, as well as pregnant women, there are always separate safety requirements.

And they are higher, than for the general population. Therefore, a more complex licensing procedure is applied here., to conduct relevant clinical studies, to get approval, prove the effectiveness and safety.

Seniors have a large number of diseases, which are a contraindication for vaccination. That is why, for people of older age groups, clinical studies were conducted separately.

After, how did they end, The Ministry of Health adopted the relevant amendments to the instructions for the medical use of the already registered Sputnik V vaccine.

Now part of the volunteers from among the elderly population will be able to receive this vaccine, because it is a vulnerable category of people. And I will remind everyone, that the average age of COVID-19 patients is 45-48 years.

Vaccine administration regimen and indicators, which are evaluated, not fundamentally different. Но есть и нюансы – большой акцент делается на сердечно-сосудистом мониторинге и на контроле других возрастных заболеваний.

Vaccination from Covid 19 started yet 5 December

Europeans have a different scenario, they think, that first of all it is necessary to cover the elderly population with vaccination, since older people were initially the most severely affected by COVID-19. But it was no accident that I reminded, that the average age of patients 45-48 years.

The pandemic is currently at this stage of its development and heyday, that almost all strata of society and all age groups are already involved in this epidemic process.

  1. On the eve of vaccination, it is advisable to do a PCR test for coronavirus. Against the background of an asymptomatic onset of the disease, vaccination cannot be done. If the test is negative, you can safely go to get vaccinated.
  2. It is undesirable to get vaccinated against the background of exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  3. Sputnik V should be used with caution for allergy sufferers. Vaccination should be done under supervision in a medical facility. It is necessary to closely monitor the reactions of the body, at least, within one to two days.

Vaccination is now well regulated

That among hundreds of vaccinated seniors, there are absolutely no side effects, explained the head of the department of the Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology named after Gamaleya, professor Alexander Butenko.

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