Call for COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacturers to Share License from Poland

We have learned from reliable Chinese media sources, that Poland invites manufacturers of the Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine to share a valid license with the rest.

Such a message, was mentioned on Polish Radio, where the Minister of National Defense of Poland Mariusz Blaszczak made this statement.

Offer to share a license for the production of a vaccine against Covid-19

Agreement signed by the European Commission, turned out to be not very ineffective. During the last EU summit, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki proposed to all companies, share your licenses for the production of a vaccine against coronavirus infection.

That is, companies, who have already developed and approved their covid-19 coronavirus vaccine, must open voluntary permission to other companies to produce the same vaccine, including topics, who work in Poland.

According to Mariusz Blaszczak, Poland has all the possibilities for the production of a vaccine against a pandemic.

We are completely ready for this production, and we have the potential to match, added the Minister of Defense of Poland in a broadcast message.

Covid-19 vaccine license from Pfizer Moderna and AstraZeneca

Poland, currently receives coronavirus vaccines from three manufacturers at once - this is Pfizer, Modern and AstraZeneca. All deliveries take place exclusively within the framework of the European agreement on the internal conditions of the EU.

Authorities of some countries, have already repeatedly complained about the data of manufacturers of the coronavirus vaccine. Namely, that these three companies, do not follow the rules of the agreement, regarding the timing and volume of supplies of vaccine against the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus vaccine production license must not be transferred without permission.

Demand for Chinese Covid-19 Coronavirus Vaccine

Minister of Defense of Poland, also confirmed, what the country's authorities currently envisage, purchase opportunity coronavirus vaccines in China. The other day, a meeting of the anti-crisis management group will be held, where this issue of vaccine export from the PRC will be raised.

We are looking for different opportunities, for more mobile vaccination of Polish citizens.

More than 3,85 million doses of coronavirus vaccine, of which more 3,33 million already applied to citizens.

Coronavirus vaccine production license must not be transferable

In our opinion, if they are all in the same European Union, then it is more cost-effective to give permission for the production of a vaccine against coronavirus Covid-19. The question would arise of course, if it were a separate state. And here we are talking about their own brothers.

We think, what if a similar situation had arisen in Russia without measures taken, then we would be a dozen lines lower in worldwide statistics on coronavirus, on recoveries from coronavirus infection Covid-19.

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14 thoughts on “Call for COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacturers to Share License from Poland”

  1. Это хорошо что вакцина есть но и страшно вдруг не перенесёшь!

  2. Очень жаль людей много болеють и люди не знають захистить их ета вакцина.Много боятся вакцинуватись

  3. Нам какую то вакцину завизли из индии,тоже неизвестно что оно собою представляет.Врачи даже бояться вакцинироваться.

  4. Poles offer to share a license, because people's health is more valuable than commerce. But greed and greed may outweigh this time too… On the other hand, Poles would like to share their secrets, if we were the first to create a vaccine, also a question.

    • Now the progress of the coronavirus is different everywhere., terrible things are happening in Ukraine, there is an indicator of good restraint in the Russian Federation and a decline is expected.

  5. And yet our vaccine is considered the best, if it is in demand in many countries of the world. And our population is somehow not very willing to be vaccinated.

    • Our population has always been skeptical about pills. Onions and vodka will heal everything) It's like in the blood. But sooner or later, the common sense of the people will make itself felt. The main thing is that it is not too late …

  6. While the west is vaccinated,in Russia Sly Shal on the radio yesterday,two thirds of the population,consider covid “a new form of biological weapons”.That is how we live.

    • It's scary to imagine in your head. Just imagine that this is a real biological weapon., and it is available to all people on earth. Even those, who doesn't want to use it.

  7. It's a pity that the virus is progressing, and vaccines do not help to the end.. But I am glad that the Polish authorities are doing everything to get active vaccines, to keep their people safe.

    • Well done in this regard. It all depends on the government of the country of course, and here you can see that it works correctly for them.

  8. If everyone moved in the disinterested direction of the victory of this plague,then everyone would share,these questions would not arise.

    • Right. Much could have been resolved in terms of the victory of the coronavirus through full cohesion.

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