Russians will be issued passports of vaccinated

Rospotrebnadzor has tightened control over "contacts on coronavirus"

Russians, vaccinated against coronavirus, will be able to get a "passport of the vaccinated".

This service will be available from January. Russians, vaccinated against coronavirus, will be able to get a "passport of the vaccinated". This service will be available from January. You can get it in your personal account on the website of public services. He spoke about this on Tuesday at a meeting of the Presidium of the Coordination Council for the fight against coronavirus.

The head of the Ministry of Health also said, that the number of vaccination sites will be expanded. And the vaccination against coronavirus itself is included in the national vaccination calendar.

On New Year's holidays, doctors are preparing for the influx of patients with COVID-19.

The population's sense of danger is dulled on holidays, – заметил Мурашко.
Also 80 percent of patients with coronavirus are treated at home (this is bigger 900 thousands of people).

We are seeing positive dynamics. The number of actively monitored decreased by 4 percent, – отметил Мурашко.

According to the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova, in 77 regions of the country for the fifth week in a row have seen the stabilization of the situation with the coronavirus.

But the number of conversations is increasing, moving and visiting shopping centers. This requires the fulfillment of all sanitary and epidemiological requirements., – заметила Попова.

She also spoke about tightening human surveillance., recognized "coronavirus contacts".

Just yesterday taken under control 78 thousands of people. They will be located 14 days at home in isolation, – сообщила Попова.

Russians vaccinated against coronavirus will be able to receive a vaccination passport in January .

Coronavirus breaking news today (Friday - 26.02.2021 year)

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