Differences between Russian vaccines Sputnik V, EpiWackCrown and CoveyWack, from COVID-19

Distribution and differences of different Covid-19 vaccines by category

On Tuesday, 26 january, good news came. As announced the next month, in access may appear the third Russian vaccine against coronavirus - "KoviVac".


Scientific Center for Research and Development of Immunobiological Preparations named after M.P.. Chumakov. In the media and social networks, he discusses, that this vaccination would be preferable for people in poor health, allergy sufferers and chronic patients.

Because it contains inactivated, like a killed coronavirus. And "Sputnik V" is even better for those, who is stronger, because the body immediately receives as the genetic material of the coronavirus, essential for the development of the immune system, and adenovirus, delivering an important payload to cells.

Coronavirus vaccine does not carry viral load

All three vaccines ("Sputnik B", EpiVacCorona and KoviVak) although created using different technologies, but do not differ in any way in their antigenic load, these are all just assumptions. In fact, our body is constantly faced with a large number of different antigens - viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc..

Famous pediatrician Vladimir Tatochenko says, that one dose of vaccine is just a dose of vinaigrette. And indeed it is. The vaccine does not carry a gigantic viral load, which is very different from that, what we deal with every day.

The only significant difference between the three drugs, which we have today, Is an opportunity to vaccinate people older 60 years. Satellite allowed for these patients, because he passed the test for the older age group. EpiVacCorona is still missing, clinical trials are still ongoing. I guess, that the Chumakov Center vaccine will follow the same path, first for a narrower cohort of adults, and then for older age groups. And then for the kids, when the relevant studies will be completed.

We are not in a hurry with any definitions. I think, that there will be a single pool of vaccines, which will be distributed depending on the needs of the region. The most important thing for you and me is the availability of a vaccine.

Отличаются ли российские вакцины и может ли вакцинированный болеть COVID-19

Covid-19 vaccination is not 100% protection

Let me touch on biology. Well, not only humoral, but also cellular immunity provides protection against viruses. I would even say, to a greater extent, cellular immunity. Hence, if a person has antibodies, and then they disappeared, This does not mean, that they are not protected.
Memory immune cells are preserved, which when meeting with an antigen.

All this very quickly turn into B cells to produce antibodies, and the person will be protected. It means, that the absence of antibodies does not mean, that you have immunity. If we talk about the risk of infection in the presence of antibodies in sick or vaccinated, then, in fact, a small number of such cases are recorded. We do not yet know all the biological bases of this phenomenon.. Конечно, each person has their own characteristics of immunity.

If for some reason the immune response is weakened, it is obvious, that the risk of infection persists even after illness. Nobody hides either, that vaccination does not protect against 100%, as well as a transmissible disease. But the vast majority of people, who have been sick or vaccinated, won't get sick yet. note: they won't get sick, but it's not the same, what not to get infected.

A person vaccinated against Covid-19 can be a distributor

Vaccination protects us from serious diseases, dangerous complications and death. But, of course, the vaccine cannot protect us from getting the virus. And when a vaccinated person is in close contact with an infected, part of the virus enters the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract.

Short-term temporary infection can result.. Human beings can also be the source of the virus for a short time.. That is, he himself will not get seriously ill., because its virus, when it enters the bloodstream, will be neutralized, but a short-term release of viral particles from the mucous membrane of the nose and oropharynx is possible.

Although the number of people vaccinated in our country is small, it is recommended to use personal protective equipment. And don't think, that after vaccination you can forget about the mask. It is also important to follow all precautions., to reduce both the risk of infection, so the risk of spreading the infection to other people remains, including your elderly relatives.

Coronavirus Vaccine Certificate

According to Russian law, a person receives a certificate after vaccination. Certificate confirms vaccination, but does not give any privileges. Yet again, today it is still very important to observe all safety measures.

Как отличаются российские вакцины от COVID-19 между собой

Masks or respirators for coronavirus?

Masks have not yet been canceled even for the vaccinated, but in Austria and Germany came to the conclusion, that, given the growing incidence of disease, more than simple masks are needed for reliable protection, and respirators, preferably with protection class FFP2.

The Germans are considering the introduction of the obligation to wear such respirators, The Austrians have already done it.
FFP2 respirators have great potential for protection against microparticles, than conventional medical masks. These respirators are mainly needed by people at increased risk of infection..

for instance, medical workers, especially those, who is in contact with patients with covid infection. As well as representatives of other professions, who are in daily contact with a large number of people. These respirators are significantly more expensive than conventional medical masks..

Reducing the risk of contracting coronavirus infection

Generally, for most people, a conventional medical mask, when used correctly, already significantly reduces the risk of transmission. It'll be enough, to significantly slow down the spread of the virus.

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    • Good question. We will definitely release additional material on this issue.. After all, really, no where is it said about the statistics of re-infection with coronavirus infection covid-19.


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