Too early to rejoice over the decline of the coronavirus Covid-19

Director of the Institute for Health Economics Larisa Popovich believes - to objectively assess the situation with the coronavirus Covid-19, you need to at least wait for the beginning of spring.

No time to relax with Covid-19 coronavirus

Over the past day, as of 2 february, registered in Russia 16 643 coronavirus case. A month ago, 2 january, this figure was 26 301 infected.
Over the past day, as of 2 february, registered in Russia 16 643 coronavirus case.

A month ago, 2 january, this figure was 26 301 infected. According to statistics, incidence is slow, but has been steadily declining over the past few weeks.

There were assumptions, that Russia has already reached a plateau and in the future the epidemic will surely subside.

Growth of coronavirus infections due to mass actions

Unfortunately, the success of the fight against coronavirus is markedly reduced, when people go to massive street events - such, which we saw 23 January and last weekend. We have already seen an increase in infection after previous actions. I think, soon we will feel it again.

Well, judge for yourself - how is this possible, if it is a respiratory virus ?! It spreads through the air by close contact. If all people stood at a distance of at least one and a half meters, then something else could be discussed.

But they stood close to each other. I think, this can be explained by, that psychological pressure acts no less, than coronavirus.

The real number of patients with coronavirus

Usually, outbreaks of respiratory tract infections in our country traditionally occur at the turn of February and March. So you have to wait and see, what will happen.

I very much doubt it. According to statistics, we have less 4 million patients, which is clearly not a quarter of the population. If we are talking about asymptomatic carriers, which are not identified, then first of all it is unconfirmed data, and only words.

Secondly, extremely doubtful, what about 40 million people already suffer from this infection. In theory, you can take another third option - to mention people, resistant to other coronaviruses, causing seasonal colds. Yes, a lot of them. But so far there is no convincing evidence that, that such people really have protection against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Everything remains at the level of hypotheses.

The country is big, everyone needs to be treated for Covid-19

It was cold in January, in these conditions, the incidence of respiratory infections always decreases. In the coming days, a wave of cold is promised in the central zone again. So let's see.

But, I repeat, before ushering in the control of the epidemic, you must wait until the end of February and see, will there be a jump.

Besides, serious anti-epidemic measures continue throughout the country. Moscow began to refuse them, but not all regions. By the way, in St. Petersburg, the dynamics are completely different, than in Moscow, where the number of active cases is growing. So it's too early to generalize and talk about, that the incidence is decreasing everywhere.

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9 thoughts on “Too early to rejoice over the decline of the coronavirus Covid-19”

  1. Yes, я тоже считаю что статистика фальшивая .Не может быть чтобы все было так стабильно.И прямо всех привьют как от манту и это поможет .Бред , по любому после вакцины будут последствия .

    • Очень страшно становится когда копаешь в эту тему о коронавирусной инфекции Covid-19. Сегодня опубликована статья о взаимодействии коронавируса с туберкулезом. Horror!

  2. I don’t believe the official statistics on the crown. Many people, those who have had this disease are not put on a coronavirus, but common pneumonia. And those people, who are mildly ill, just don't go to hospitals. The statistics are unreliable. And the article is good

    • And there is. In general, any statistics can show only a figurative indicator. Coronavirus statistics, then you definitely don't need to be specific. But she makes it clear. Where more infections occur anyway.

  3. Didn't believe in statistics before, but that's right. I am grateful to you for that, that you write such useful articles. I will wait for the release of new material

  4. Excellent article, everything is laid out on the shelves. Pancake, and I thought that the crown was on the decline 🙁 It's not a complete mess.

    • Just, at such moments, Covid-19 manifests itself. People start to lose their guard, not realizing that they are still in danger and in the zone of infection with coronavirus infection.

  5. Good article, scheduled as is, personally, I don't believe in these statistics at all, an acquaintance of mine is ill, so in the hospital they wrote to him, that he has pneumonia, and the test was positive, so think then how many actually infected and recovered…

    • The paradox turns out. Pneumonia and Saved Your Friend, from possible death of coronavirus infection covid-19. Even a separate virus, in its part helps to identify “crown”


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