Vaccine against Covid-19 “Satellite V” recognized in the United States as the largest scientific breakthrough.

The most effective Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine on earth.

The Russian vaccine against coronavirus Covid-19 comes first among the quality and effectiveness of the drug around the world.

The effectiveness of the Russian vaccine against the coronavirus Covid-19

Success of the Russian coronavirus vaccine 91,6% "Sputnik V", probably, will be the largest scientific breakthrough since the collapse of the USSR, writes the American edition of Bloomberg.

After the publication of the results of the third phase of clinical trials in the medical journal Lancet, it became clear, that the Russian drug protects against COVID-19 no worse, than its American or European counterparts, and many times better, than chinese. Its effectiveness is assessed in 91,6%. Almost 20 000 man.

At least 19 states have already approved the use of Sputnik V, including Hungary, Brazil and India. Now, Russia decided to conquer the EU market due to the identified shortage of vaccines in Europe. This could improve Russia's image in the international arena..

The growing popularity and spread of Sputnik V, can increase the geopolitical influence of Moscow in various regions, particularly in Latin America.

The effectiveness of the Russian vaccine against the covid-19 coronavirus is estimated in 91,6%

Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine distribution in Europe.

Soon European regulators will begin considering Russia's request to use satellite V in Europe. The procedure can take several months. Although Germany can speed up this process.

Earlier, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has already stated, that the Russian vaccine can be used to protect EU citizens.

In its turn, head of EU diplomacy Barrel, expressed hope for the soonest certification of Sputnik V in Europe, noting, that the success and effectiveness of the Russian vaccine show, that there are more and more opportunities in the world to fight the pandemic.

Russian drug Sputnik V protects against COVID-19 no worse than American and better than Chinese.

American journalist Andrew Kramer has been working in our country for a long time and managed to deeply study many Russian realities.. He tries to write objectively about us, but primarily critical of Americans.

All the more surprising was his decision to be vaccinated with the Russian anticoid vaccine Sputnik V, developed by the Gamaleya Center.

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9 thoughts on “Vaccine against Covid-19 “Satellite V” in the United States recognized as the largest scientific breakthrough.”

  1. No vaccine in the world can be considered effective, until it is fully tested. This is a period of three to five years.

  2. I think our Russian vaccine will be better than “overseas”, i believe in our medicine, Go Russia!

  3. Hoping to destroy this dangerous virus
    I follow the news and that the Russian vaccine has been the best vaccine in the world so far. I hope that all pharmaceutical and research companies in the world will work together and this Chinese virus will be eradicated as soon as possible.

    • We fully agree with you and also follow the global news about the covid-19 coronavirus infection. We hope that it will disappear as soon as possible, and we will have a bright future. Thank you for your feedback and support!

  4. I've heard, that the American vaccine was found to be effective practically on 95%, In comparison with others.

    • A lot “side effects” from the European vaccine against coronavirus covid-19, at this time the Russian vaccine Sputnik V is welcomed in all countries of the world.

  5. Yes, nothing rises with us. We will live three or four years,and see,what else will happen to us after this satellite.

    • Agree with you Maxim. But we are ready to admit, that Covid-19 will accompany humanity as the usual flu previously did.

  6. Russia now wins the vaccination race. What to say? Our military structures are at their best, medicine rises. What will happen next?

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