Patients suffered, vaccinated with Pfizer and Moderna coronavirus vaccines. Eventually – convulsions, facial paralysis and even death.

Vaccination of pensioners with Pfizer in Germany.

Whether severe cases among the vaccinated testify to the failure of the new vaccination technology - we will find out together with specialists.

Recently, social media visitors were shocked by a scary video. Woman with severe tremor (hand tremor, legs and whole body) trying to move, clinging to walls and doors. Every step is difficult.. The video was uploaded by American Brent Greiner with the caption: This is what the Pfizer vaccine did to my mom. At the moment, the video has already been deleted.

As the young man told reporters, across 3 days after vaccination, a severe neurological reaction began. The patient was hospitalized. Pfizer comments on RT request: We are investigating this issue, but we cannot confirm anything. To date, no signals have been identified regarding the safety of the drug in neuromuscular disorders..

Meanwhile, data on serious problems in patients, vaccinated with a new type of vaccine - mRNA (Pfizer, Modern), come from all over the world. These messages are actively discussed by experts and ordinary people.. Several versions have been suggested, including the most radical:

1) New technology failed, mRNA vaccines have no place in medicine.
2) Such vaccinations, of course, promising, but not yet completed. It's too early to make it widely available.
3) MRNA vaccines can indeed cause serious complications. Considering the current level of vaccination, the percentage of victims corresponds to the number of other vaccinations, which have long been included in our prevention calendars.
4) Actually, all these stories have nothing to do with vaccination itself, they came from competitors of new vaccine manufacturers.

What's really going on? We tried to deal with the experts.

Судороги, паралич лица и даже смерть: из-за чего на самом деле пострадали пациенты, привитые вакцинами от коронавируса Pfizer и Moderna

This drug contains the genetic material of the coronavirus (so-called messenger RNA) “Packed” in a special casing, thanks to which it penetrates into human cells. In them, on the basis of mRNA, the production of one of the virus proteins is activated, to which immunity is formed.

The first place in the world in terms of the proportion of the vaccinated population today is Israel.. According to international monitoring, conducted on the portal, that number of people, vaccinated against covid with the first dose of Pfizer vaccine, in this country is 29,8 on 100 human (as of 20 january). More 2,5 million Israelis completed the first round of vaccinations. I u 13 of them was an extremely unpleasant affliction: Bell's palsy. Also called facial nerve paresis, it is unilateral facial nerve palsy.

I walked with him no less 28 hours

So said one of the vaccinated Yediot Ahronot.

The same phenomenon is extremely rare., but it was observed in volunteers, participating in clinical trials of another mRNA vaccine - vaccines of the American company Moderna. This is stated in a detailed official test report involving more 30 000 human, which is publicly available.

Representatives of both mRNA vaccine companies note, that Bell's palsy occurs regularly in the general population. Therefore, the current number of cases does not allow for an unambiguous conclusion., that the cause of the paresis of the facial nerve was precisely vaccinations.

According to medical data, this kind of ailment is really very common in everyday life: on average, every first 60-70 a person meets him throughout his life. Or about 23 person for every 100 000 in year, the author of this text is one of those people.

The likelihood of paralysis when vaccinated against Covid-19

And further: what are the chances, that after vaccination of a new type such complications will appear, like facial paralysis or severe tremor, like an American patient in a scary video?

When the coronavirus gene (in the form of messenger RNA itself) delivered to the human cell and begins to function, antigen, i.e. a fragment of SARS-CoV-2, exposed to the cell surface ”, - explains Alexander Kudryavtsev.

Having received a signal about the appearance of a pest, an immune cell rushes to the scene. Seeing antigen, he destroys the cell, in which this fragment of the virus was synthesized. And while the immune system remembers the antigen, antibodies to covid and memory cells are formed (то, what we call T-cell immunity).

For some part of people - unfortunately, We do not know, in which - there is a nonzero probability that, that the immune system, together with the antigen, will remember the vaccine as enemies and victim cells, continues specialist. Then the immune system will begin to attack the body's own cells..

That is, an autoimmune disease will develop (this type of disease includes rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus).

Some of the doctors interviewed stated: such a hypothesis exists, but its confirmation in practice is not officially registered. But cases of neurological complications have been known for a long time..

Судороги, паралич лица и даже смерть: из-за чего на самом деле пострадали пациенты, привитые вакцинами от коронавируса Pfizer и Moderna

In Israel, the brainchild of Pfizer is used for vaccination.

Bell's palsy, certainly, may be associated with vaccination - says Alexander Kudryavtsev. In the scientific literature there is a description of these complications after various vaccinations - against rabies, smallpox, rubella, encephalitis. Causes, probably, immunoallergic. Usually such cases are the extreme exception., very rarely.

According to experts, this risk is incomparable with the benefit, which vaccination brings, saving the lives and health of millions of people.

Not known yet, why and how often neurological complications will occur in mRNA vaccines. Until, Unfortunately, it is not clear, - the scientist admits. As for the video of the American patient, then this is a typical case of such a complication, believes Kudryavtsev.

Victor Koss agrees with complications from Covid-19

Yes, it looks like this. Vaccination can lead to neurological complications - tremors, ticam, pain, temporary paralysis. But usually it all goes away quickly enough, said the doctor. People with chronic conditions are more likely to experience these side effects.: diabetes, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure. And also for people, prone to panic attacks.

Recently it became known about the tragic case - 56-year-old doctor Gregory Michael died in Florida, USA. Two weeks before his death, he received the Pfizer vaccine. Three days after the injection, the doctor noticed numerous red spots on the body., indicative of internal bleeding, the doctor's wife told reporters. Gregory dies of hemorrhagic stroke.

Doctor's death from vaccine is currently under investigation.

But fears, that the vaccine could have been the cause, not unfounded, - says Alexander Kudryavtsev.

Thrombocytopenia (decrease in the number of platelets in the blood.) Which was noted in the deceased and led to internal bleeding, long-known rare complication of vaccination. Described in detail, in particular, Canadian hematologist John Kelton. But it should be noted, that thrombocytopenia does not necessarily lead to hemorrhagic stroke and death. Therefore, we must wait for the results of the investigation., conducted by Pfizer.

Alas, US case not only known death from Pfizer vaccine. We emphasize: nor foreign, neither Russian experts say, what is this vaccine death.

23 human, who died in Norway, and 10 who have died in Germany today, were palliative care patients in nursing homes. In other words, these people became seriously ill in the terminal stage, doctors explain. AND, no matter how cruel it sounds, they had a great chance to die every day. The Norwegian Medicines Agency reports, what on average 400 of these patients die every week (without vaccination). However, this in no way replaces the need to investigate the circumstances and causes of each specific case., stated in the department.

Experts do not exclude, that the results of the procedure may be considered undesirable from the use of certain types of vaccines for chronically weakened elderly patients.

Судороги, паралич лица и даже смерть: из-за чего на самом деле пострадали пациенты, привитые вакцинами от коронавируса Pfizer и Moderna

Moderna vaccine before use.

This substance is included in mRNA vaccines. And there were speculations in the media, that it is polyethylene glycol that can cause severe reactions to vaccinations. However, there is currently no research, confirming its harm.

Unlikely, that PEG will have complications, - says bioengineer Alexander Kudryavtsev. It is a widely used component for a long time.. It is unlikely that this will cause serious problems for the vaccinated..

At the moment, a causal relationship between mRNA vaccination and harm to the health of patients has not been proven.. The number of known side effects to date, given the scale of vaccination, does not exceed the standard complication statistics for most vaccinations, used for a long time.

At the same time, it is very important to continue observation and research., experts emphasize. maybe, recommendations will be adopted in the future, which patient groups are more or less suitable for certain types of vaccines.

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