In Kirov, a 10-year-old girl has all organs affected after an asymptomatic coronavirus

Doctors suggest, that the cause was the genetic characteristics of the organism

Kirovchanka was taken to hospital in serious condition.

A 10-year-old girl was admitted to the Kirov Regional Children's Hospital in a serious condition. The child's organs and systems were affected. During the diagnosis, the doctors found out, that a little Kirov woman suffered from asymptomatic covid.

According to the head physician of the hospital Natalia Muratova, this case became one of the most difficult during medical practice in 2020 year. The girl developed inflammation of the inner and outer shell of the heart, developed pleuropneumonia.

Natalya Gennadevna noted, that the coronavirus has become a kind of "trigger" for the Kirov woman's body.

-У ребенка пошло пост-ковидное формирование иммунного ответа, – пояснила главный врач. – Видимо, she had some kind of genetic trait.

A whole team of doctors fought for the girl's life. As Natalia Muratova told, the woman from Kirov was saved only thanks to their well-coordinated actions.


In Kirov, a 10-year-old girl has all organs affected after an asymptomatic coronavirus

According to the head physician of the hospital, the girl's case became one of the most difficult last year.

Главная ценность учреждения – опытные и профессиональные специалисты, – подчеркнула главврач. – Они продолжали обучение даже в условиях пандемии.

As noted in the press service of the regional government, the girl was discharged, she feels good now.

35-summer Sergey Ershkov, Head of the Surgical Department of Clinical Hospital No. 7 them. VI. Yurlova, had a severe coronavirus

Yulia ( имя изменено – Ред.) became one of those residents, who was on the same train with the first woman from Kirov to be infected with coronavirus

28 April in Russia celebrate the Day of emergency workers. Своей историей поделился заведующий первой подстанцией кировской Станции СМП Роман – сотрудник с почти тридцатилетним стажем

The patient told about, how she got into intensive care due to coronavirus. The video message appeared in the official group “Coronavirus. Опер штаб Кировской области.

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