British strain of coronavirus discovered in Russia – what can we expect from a new enemy

Collected answers to 5 the main questions about this type of pathogen of coronavirus infection

“Британский” штамм распространяется быстрее.

On the last day of New Year's holidays, 10 january, news feeds brought a disturbing message. The first case of infection with the "British" strain of coronavirus infection detected in Russia, the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova told on the air of the TV channel "Russia 1". Chief State Sanitary Doctor clarified, that the owner of this variant of the virus came from the United Kingdom, feels good and has no symptoms.

Why is the "British" strain given so much attention around the world?

Collected expert answers to the most pressing questions.

In fact, this variant of the coronavirus was discovered in the UK itself back in September last year.. United Kingdom, like many countries, including Russia, conducts sequencing work, that is, reading (decryption) genomic virus, which are allocated in patients. In the course of such studies, a strain was discovered with 17 new resistant mutations. Scientists named it VUI - 202012/01.

Researches show, that one of the mutations led to a change in the protein, from which the "thorns" of the coronavirus are built. British experts said, what such "improvement" can make it easier for the virus to enter human cells. Благодаря этому инфекция приобретает повышенную заразность – примерно на 71%, calculated by experts from the United Kingdom.

Как рассказал руководитель медико-генетического центра Genotek Валерий Ильинский

Убедительных научных подтверждений именно данной цифры пока нет. At the same time, according to the geneticist, already installed, that people infected with the "British" strain in the upper respiratory tract have an increased viral load.

Swabs were taken from patients from the oropharynx and nasopharynx, and the concentration of viral particles on the mucous membranes was significantly above average, – поясняет Ильинский.

In its turn, it means, what when coughing, chihanii, talking and just breathing out air, such patients release more virus. Therefore, the infection spreads faster..

Fortunately, no increase in the severity of the disease or the incidence of complications in patients with the "British" strain has been observed to date. At the same time and count on the weaker, "Humane" variant of the disease is not yet available.

As of today, there are no convincing reasons to consider, that this kind of covid proceeds more easily and harmlessly, – отмечает Валерий Ильинский.

Public health professionals consider

Что обновленный вариант инфекции все же может вести к росту смертности в стране. It is possible, if there is a sharp jump in morbidity and the health care system ceases to have enough resources for timely medical care for patients. To prevent this from happening, experts urge to strictly monitor compliance with sanitary measures, enforce them, при необходимости – вводить более жесткие ограничения, appropriate to the severity of the situation.

Вакцинация – основная спасительная мера

Мера, what epidemiologists rely on in the fight against infection, encompassing the entire planet. The developers of a number of vaccines have already reassured: don't worry, their drugs will provide protection against the "British" strain. A statement of this kind was made by the head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) Kirill Dmitriev.

According to our information "Sputnik V" is highly effective against a new mutation of the virus, – сообщил он.

The head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova also assured, that Russian vaccines effectively protect against the "British" variant of infection. Recall, кроме «Спутника V» в нашей стране начата вакцинация препаратом «Эпи Вак Корона», developed by the Novosibirsk Scientific Center "Vector",

Geneticist Valery Ilyinsky explained to "KP", why, looking at all, the new strain should not reduce the effectiveness of anticoid vaccines. It's in our hands, that after illness or vaccination, the body produces more than one, and several types of different antibodies to coronavirus. Те мутации, which we see by today, may affect individual antibodies, но в целом не снижают иммунный ответ у переболевших или привитых людей.

Their reliability is still not one hundred percent, whether PCR tests will give false negative results even more often? Chief Sanitary Doctor Anna Popova encouraged: tests for diagnosing COVID-19, which are used in Russia, successfully "catch" the mutated variant of the virus.

Head of FMBA Veronika Skvortsova said, that this is the world's first drug, which affects Sars-Cov-2

More contagious, than usual, Sars-cov-2 strain caused panic in Europe.

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