Creator of first test for Covid-19 dies in us

As it became known from the latest sources, creator of the first test in the USA for Covid-19 infection using the patient's saliva, died of a heart attack on 51 th year of life.

Saliva test for coronavirus Covid-19

This type of saliva test for coronavirus has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the beginning of May 2020 of the year.

Was found, that the new saliva “self-collection” technology provides a more complete analysis at home, than the standard nasal and throat swab technique in a medical facility.

Nurse with a probe in hand, getting ready to take a PCR test for coronavirus COVID-19

"Researcher Andrew Brooks, led the development of the first saliva test for COVID-19 and played a significant role in the fight against the pandemic, died unexpectedly 23 january 2021 of the year.

Andrew Brooks dies of heart attack.

Scientist Janet Greene's sister told CNN, that the cause of death was an attack caused by heart failure.

Scientists' memory - Andrew Brooks covid-19 test creator dies of heart attack.

In memory of scientists in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic Covid-19

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who is working to eradicate the coronavirus infection, for your exorbitant work.

On behalf of our website Covid-signs.RU and all Internet “media” news channels, We express our deepest condolences to the relatives and friends of those killed from the coronavirus infection Covid-19.

Bright memory, to all medical scientists, medical workers and employees of different structures, who died during the fight against coronavirus infection. Your labor, Your missions will always mean a lot to us. Thanks for that, that you fought for our future ...

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19 thoughts on “Creator of first test for Covid-19 dies in us”

  1. Довольно-таки печальная и пугающая информация, но все же надеяться на лучшее все же стоит.

  2. Сожалею о безвременной кончине Эндрю Брукса. Работая на благо всего человечества он пе сберег себя. Светлая память Человеку.

  3. Some time ago, two of our athletes died due to coronary heart disease. I hope people will comply and not just enjoy the vaccine.
    Hoping to eradicate this disease

  4. Спасибо таким смелым врачам который жертвуют собой ради всех нас.

    • В данный момент врач звучит как солдат защищающий каждый свою родину.
      Память светлая им, кто пал, и сил тем кто борется!

  5. Yes already…
    Пандемия показывает настоящие приоритеты, хоть и таким ужасным образом, мы летаем в космос, живём в век технологий, но до сих пор здравоохранение уходит на второй план, если не одна болезнь, то другая жалко таких ценных людей, делающих столько для всех нас.

    • Точно. Можно сделать легко вывод, что мы в принципе ни чего и не умеем. Полетит астероид реально, то мы с некоторых мест его даже и не увидим. А тут зараза лютуют прямо в эпицентре земли.

    • At the moment, this gives great hope for the future, because so far no one has produced analogues even similar as drops in the nome from covid-19. God forbid, God forbid

  6. пусть земля будет пухом. жалко теpять таких талантливых пpофессионалов

    • Очень. Это совсем не на руку при новых вспышках пандемии коронавируса.

  7. Very sorry, светлая память ему. Жизнь бывает довольно неожиданной!

  8. It's a pity of course the man, devoted his whole life to science, but such is the fate. I hope his colleagues will finalize his work

    • It will save you in any case! After all, until it comes out, scientists from Russia will still come up with a good vaccine. This Is Evolution!

  9. Bright memory, to all medical scientists, medical workers and employees of different structures, who died during the fight against coronavirus infection.

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