The first batch of Sputnik V vaccine arrived in the Tyumen region

Satellite V: first registered vaccine against COVID-19

On behalf of the President, mass vaccination of the population against coronavirus with Sputnik V vaccine begins, which passed all stages of testing.

The first batch of this vaccine arrived in the region today.
The first to be vaccinated will be the decreed population:

doctors, medical workers, teachers, kindergarten teachers, social workers are those, who is in direct contact with the sick population, contact faces.

"Declared the Deputy Governor Olga Kuznechevskikh, which words are given in the message.


Tyumen region is completely ready for vaccination against Covid

Kuznechevskikh noted, that the Tyumen region is technically fully prepared for the start of mass vaccination of the population against coronavirus: conditions created, suitable for cooling the vaccine.

There are special freezers to ensure the safety of the vaccine. There are seven vaccination stations in the region: four in Tyumen and one in Tobolsk, Ishime and Yalutorovsk.

Besides, region received 500 doses of Epi Vac Corona for the phase 3 drug research.
More 250 volunteers have already received the first dose of vaccine and are under medical supervision.


Vaccination against influenza and pneumococcal infection continues in the region.
Vaccinations can be done at polyclinics.

This measure will protect the body or minimize possible complications, not only related to the flu, pneumonia, but also with coronavirus, reported at the headquarters.

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  1. В советское время прививались от кори и еще чего то.И ни чего страшного не происходило.Мне кажется,что не надо бояться этиой вакцины.

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