Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine, what will happen after vaccination?

Dmitry Strovsky received two vaccinations against Covid-19 in Israel, Ariel city

I couldn't understand for a long time, how can you feel the heat from the inside, but at the same time the body temperature remains normal, – вспоминает свои ощущения после первой прививки от коронавируса бывший преподаватель журфака УрФУ профессор, Doctor of Political Science Dmitry Strovsky.

58-summer Yekaterinburg, who moved to Israel almost five years ago, managed to get the Pfizer vaccine, last Sunday he was given a second injection.

Covid-19 outbreak in Israel

Israel is currently experiencing a serious outbreak in the incidence of coronavirus. According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of new patients per day increases by an average of 7363 man. So no wonder, that this country was one of the first to announce the start of mass vaccination - it started 20 December 2020 of the year. Vaccinated with American-made Pfizer vaccine.

At first, it was not without disturbing news, deaths of two citizens were reported after vaccinations: one was 77 years, the second - 88. First man dies of heart attack, and the second had chronic diseases. Then immediately at 13 patients were noted suspicion of paralysis of the facial nerve. The Israeli Ministry of Health assured, that everything will return to normal after the second vaccination.

The Covid-19 pandemic has claimed more than 4000 lives

The pandemic has claimed more than 4000 lives. Huge losses for such a small state. This is bigger, what died in wars, led by the country, fighting for their independence, I think, this is why Israelis feel heightened responsibility for themselves, their loved ones, - explains Dmitry Strovsky. - An important role was played by, that Prime Minister Benjamin Netayahu and members of the government were. And they did it live on television. It showed the population, that the leaders of the country themselves trust the vaccine.

Phone call from Maccabi Health Insurance Fund (polyclinics - Prim. Ed.), still heard 3 january, Dmitry Strovsky regarded it as a blessing. Aged 65 years, only a few have such an opportunity. So he without hesitation went the next day for his first injection..

– Народу тогда собралось более, than enough. New patients came every minute. Each had the exact time of injection - down to the minute, – рассказывает «КП»-Екатеринбург Дмитрий Стровский. - The staff were very friendly. Met at the entrance, explained, what will happen and how. Then, after injection, asked 15 sit in a chair for a minute, in order to avoid any unwanted accidents. Then one of the nurses even told me, that Israel should protect its people, there are so few of us.

Вакцина пфайзер: что будет после укола

Mass vaccination against Covid-19 begins in Israel

The first unpleasant symptoms in Dmitry Strovsky began to appear in the evening of the same day. Feeling of heat and aches throughout the body - these symptoms kept around 27 hours.

The body has turned into a solid pain point, – добавляет преподаватель. – Получилось, as in that joke: "Doctor, it seems, I'm dying! What I don't touch - everything hurts! Dude, so your finger is broken! - the doctor answers ". Interesting, how different people perceive the covid vaccine. I have friends, who survived the injection without any problems. I was not one of them. But, agree, being sick for a day and a half cannot be compared with the hardships of a full-fledged covid disease.

The final analysis of clinical trials showed the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine at the level 95 percent. Dmitry Strovsky gave the second vaccination exactly three weeks after the first injection.

Reaction to second Covid-19 vaccination

The second vaccination was transferred quite easily. Painful sensations were gone, – говорит преподаватель.

Israel has already become the world leader in the number of vaccinated. As of the beginning of the year, more than 13% population of the country. Local media report, that the government expects to receive more from 400 to 700 thousand doses of Pfizer.

According to data on 27 january, since the start of the pandemic in Israel, 617 168 COVID-19 cases. The number of deaths has reached 4 513 man, while the average number of new cases of the disease per day reached 7 363 (according to Johns Hopkins University). The sick are 76 708 man, of them 1 141 - in critical condition.

The country has taken unprecedented security measures. On the eve of the authorities have closed international flights. FROM 26 by 31 January, all flights from Israel to abroad are suspended.

Ban for Israelis with coronavirus

Residents of Israel are prohibited from leaving their settlements and gathering more than five people in one room. It is also forbidden to leave the house for more than a kilometer without a valid reason.. For violation of restrictions, a fine is provided in the amount of 500 shekels (11 500 rubles).

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