Covid-19 vaccination gives US citizens great hope.

US Covid-19 Vaccine Delivers Hope.

It's been a long winter for the USA, hospitals admitted more coronavirus patients, than ever during a pandemic, and the average number of daily deaths from Covid-19 exceeded for the first time 3000.

But with spring approaching, the number of infections is now falling, and vaccination program, seem to be, solved some of my original problems.

US winter wave of coronavirus Covid-19 peaks

Average number of daily cases in the US has been rising since September - barring a few drops due to incomplete holiday data, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

However, on average, more than 120.000 new infections, and unclear, will the recent decline. Especially now in the USA, there are cases of the most transmitted variants of the virus, first discovered in the UK, South Africa and Brazil.

Covid-19 graph shows US cases continue to fall.

U.S. daily coronavirus infections decline.

In general, about 30 million confirmed cases - the highest rate in the world. But since testing last spring was so limited, real number, probably, much higher.

One study, conducted by scientists from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, showed, that the real number has reached 100 million by the end of last year.

Hospitals are still under pressure, and despite the fact, that the decline in cases is good news, several weeks will pass, before it has a major impact on the number of coronavirus patients in US hospitals.

This number has been declining for several weeks., but there are currently more than 80 000 man is still on 20 000 more, than during the previous two spikes in activity last year.

The number of patients with Covid-19 in US hospitals is still high.

In the latest data , collected at the show COVID Project Tracking the number of patients with Covid-19 in the hospital, falls in all four regions of the United States. January was the deadliest month of a pandemic in the U.S., when was it registered 95 000 deaths, which is more than a fifth of the total number of deaths in 460 000 man.

The average number of deaths remains extremely high - 3000 per day at the moment, but now there are signs of a slight decline in recent days.

However, the mortality rate lags behind the rates of morbidity and hospitalization, because those most affected by the disease may take several weeks.

Schedule, showing the number of patients with Covid-19 in US hospitals remains very high

Coronavirus in the USA today, our conclusion.

Dear visitors, readers of our information site, let's together wish all other countries, a speedy recovery and getting rid of Covid-19.

USA, although it is a land of beautiful illusion in many minds, but still, children live there too, elderly people and in general. get well soon, good health to all of you, and we hope that our Russian vaccine Sputnik V will help you cope with the coronavirus pandemic as quickly as possible.

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9 thoughts on “Вакцинация против коронавируса Covid-19 вселяет в граждан США большую надежду.

  1. Если в сша такая заболеваемость,то боюсь представить даже,что у нас в стране творится.

  2. Давно пора США ввести вакцинацию,причём бесплатную,при таком то росте заболеваний и смертности!Думаю.что показатели на самом деле намного больше.Только представить что в США есть бедные и отсталые кварталы и навряд ли к ним даже тесты доходят. Жаль людей.Скорейшего выздоровления всем!

  3. Hopefully,эта вакцина поможет наконец избавится от заразы.В Америке положение особено плохое,им это очень нужно

    • Yes. США очень страдают от коронавируса, и все это исход недочета властей. При такой вспышке, авиалинии сразу нужно былокупировать”.

  4. Не ужели. Додумались. А платно будет или без платно.??

    • В каждой стране, есть резон вакцинировать своих граждан бесплатно. Если продавать вакцину от коронавируса своему населению, это может привести к краху. Люди и бесплатно не охотно ставят ее, что уж говорить за деньги

  5. Ну хорошо что начали вакцинацию всем удачи в этот сложный момент

    • В такой ситуации лучше вакцинировать сразу всю землю. Ведь даже Covid-19 пытается сплотить население земли

  6. Соединенные Штаты Америки, страна хоть и является красивой иллюзией во многих умах, but still, children live there too, elderly people and in general.

    Так что, get well soon, крепкого здоровья вам, and we hope that our Russian vaccine Sputnik V will help you cope with the coronavirus pandemic as quickly as possible.

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