Coronavirus vaccination rules for cancer patients

Sputnik V vaccine instruction, updated with a new clause on coronavirus vaccination for cancer patients.

One of the topics, discussed this week, there was an addition to the instructions for the first vaccine registered in Russia against coronavirus Sputnik V.

The documentation now says, that the decision to vaccinate cancer patients should be taken with caution. As the head of the vaccine development team explained to reporters, it means, that the treating physician should consider immunization, considering the balance between risk and benefit.

Loss of specific immunity to Covid-19

Along with the surgical method, chemotherapy and radiation therapy play a key role in the treatment of cancer. These two treatments suppress all links of the immune system, that is, suppress it.

As a result, the patient loses specific immunity, formed by vaccination, в данном случае – иммунитет, developed after vaccination against coronavirus. The body becomes susceptible to infections, the risk of death increases.

To date, a number of studies have already been carried out to assess the effectiveness of immunization of cancer patients with various "non-living" vaccines., notes Dmitry Baranovsky.

To date, there is no data on anti-vascular vaccinations, but by type all three Russian vaccines "Sputnik V", «ЭпиВакКорона» и «КовиВак» неживые.

A vaccine based on attenuated strains of coronavirus.

May be, therefore, for people with cancer, it is preferable to have "live" vaccines based on more attenuated strains of coronavirus?

Scientists around the world are working on them.

Such vaccines should never be given to immunocompromised patients., as they can cause uncontrolled multiplication of viral particles in the body. This will lead to severe disease.. Is considered, that the use of "live" vaccines in cancer patients is possible at least after 6 months after the end of chemotherapy and in the presence of persistent remission.

Vaccine safety and risk Sputnik V

Sputnik V vaccine does not carry the same risk, like live vaccines, and in this sense is safe for use by cancer patients.

In the same time, planning vaccinations, need to understand, that the risk of infection and the low effectiveness of vaccination are directly related to the level of immunosuppression (suppression of immunity) and the severity of the disease. The patient is more likely not to respond to immunization and will not develop antibodies if the level of immunosuppression is high.

In this way, deciding whether to vaccinate cancer patients, it is important to pay attention to such factors, as: the nature of the course of the disease, chemical- radiation and immunotherapy, the presence of an already formed immune system.

Regarding the safety of adenovirus vaccines, that is, Sputnik V just belongs to this type, then cancer patients should not have concerns about the activation of the tumor process due to such vaccinations.

Special clinical trials to be conducted in Russia to test the effectiveness of Sputnik V in cancer patients. The study will be attended by 250 volunteers, продолжительность исследования – от 6 to 7 months.

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