Vaccines from different countries, unite: Sputnik V injection will be added to the Oxford vaccination

Объединение вакцин Оксфордской и Спутник V против коронавируса

Why is it needed, how everything will happen and what results do the developers expect?

To avoid such a failure, Sputnik V's developers have included two different adenoviral components in their drug.

On Friday, 11 December, there was an unexpected turn in the world vaccine race. Шведско-британская компания «Астра Зенека», which developed the anti-graft in collaboration with the University of Oxford (Великобритания), issued a statement, what combines its vaccine with Russia's Sputnik V.

Начало программы клинических исследований

Today we are announcing the start of a clinical trial program to assess the safety and immunogenicity of the combined use of AZD1222 vaccine, разработанной компанией «Астра Зенека» совместно с Оксфордским университетом, and Sputnik V vaccines, developed by the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology named after N.F.. Gamalei, – говорится в сообщении на официальном портале фармкомпании.

Need to say, it was not a surprise for everyone. На самом деле изначально с такой идеей выступили именно создатели «Спутника». In November, an offer appeared on the official Twitter account of the Russian vaccine, from which, It turned out, you can't refuse:

В настоящее время вакцина Astra Zeneca показывает 62-процентную эффективность. If a new clinical trial is being conducted, then we propose to combine the AZ injection with "Sputnik V" to increase efficiency. Combining vaccines can be important in booster vaccinations.

Вакцины разных стран, объединяйтесь: к «оксфордской» прививке добавят укол «Спутника V»

Вакцина Astra Zeneca с показателем 62 % эффективноси

And the Russian "Sputnik", и «Оксфордская» вакцина созданы на основе аденовирусов (a kind of cold viruses). A piece of the coronavirus genome is inserted into a neutralized adenovirus and delivered into human cells. In response to the appearance of a foreign fragment, the body starts the production of immunity. At the same time, there is an important nuance..

After a single vaccination, the body may become immune to the adenovirus itself, on which genetic fragments of the coronavirus are delivered to human cells, – пояснил иммунолог, Candidate of Medical Sciences, development expert, research and registration of medicinal products, Nikolay Kryuchkov, general director of the contract research company.

Then, at the next injection, the adenovirus will simply be blocked by the immune reaction and will not be able to deliver its "cargo" to its destination. (in cells). Means, vaccination will work weaker.

To avoid such a failure, Sputnik V's developers have included two different adenoviral components in their drug: For 26-to-5 и.

“If there is an immune reaction to adenovirus of the same type at the first injection, it won't hurt (more precisely, expected, what's not a big deal) the action of another type of adenovirus at the second injection "

Аденовирус шимпанзе против коронавируса

В «Оксфордской» вакцине используется аденовирус шимпанзе. As the expert says, most people do not have specific immunity to this virus, which should have a beneficial effect on the effectiveness of the vaccine.

But! After the first vaccination, an immune response to simian adenovirus may appear. And then repeated injections to strengthen the vaccine against coronavirus can work much weaker.. “That is why our developers offered their English colleagues their, отличающийся аденовирусный носитель – чтобы повысить шансы успешной работы вакцины», – поясняет специалист по фармразработкам.

Вакцины разных стран, объединяйтесь: к «оксфордской» прививке добавят укол «Спутника V»

Готовность объединить антиковидные вакцины

Представители «Астра Зенеки» подтверждают объяснение нашего эксперта.

Combinations of Different Vaccines Could Be an Important Step in COVID-19 Prevention by Boosting the Immune Response, – говорится в сообщении на официальном сайте разработчиков «оксфордской» вакцины. Besides, additional possible bonuses of close cooperation are listed:

  • increasing the availability of vaccination through a wide portfolio of drugs,
  • more stable and lasting immune response after combination vaccination,
  • creating more flexible vaccination programs, which will give doctors a wide range of approaches to covid prevention.

Clinical study of the combined use of "Sputnik" and "Oxford" vaccine will begin before the end of this year. Volunteers not younger than will be able to take part in it in Russia 18 years. The age limit has not yet been specified.

Expected, that the combination would look like one shot of the AstraZeneca vaccine and then, through time (likely, 21 day) second injection based on adenovirus of the 26th serotype (Ad-26), which is used in "Sputnik V".

Решение «Астра Зенеки» о комбинации своей прививки со «Спутником V»

Experts note, что решение «Астра Зенеки» о комбинации своей прививки со «Спутником V» можно рассматривать как дополнительное подтверждение доверия к российской вакцине. The Western pharmaceutical giant is known for its many years of experience in the development of complex medicines.

The readiness to combine anticoid vaccines speaks of a serious attitude towards Sputnik V on the part of one of the world's leading players in the pharmaceutical market and a high professional assessment of Russian vaccination.

Not excluded, что вслед за «Астра Зенекой» подтянутся и другие разработчики вакцин от коронавируса. So, French-British pharmaceutical companies Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) announced, that their vaccination in trials has shown insufficient efficacy for the elderly.

Therefore, it was decided to tackle the revision. The creators of "Sputnik V" immediately reported, that we are ready to connect in this case. «Партнерство разных производителей – путь в будущее», – отмечается в официальном аккаунте российской вакцины в Твиттере.

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