How to get your sense of smell back (smells) after coronavirus?

Smell after Covid-19 can be trained with simple exercises

Do some simple workouts in the morning and evening, demanding familiar tastes.

New coronavirus infections in Russia

As of 30 January in Russia infected with coronavirus 3 832 080 man, of them 3 279 964 people have already been cured. But statistically, 9 из 10 patients with covid lose the ability to smell for some time. Such figures were voiced by the famous ENT, Director of the Ear Institute, throat and nose Igor Branovan.

According to the otolaryngologist, most often, the sense of smell is absent during 2-4 недель, and then the sensations return to the patients.

However, in some cases, anosmia lasts for months.. And that can be a big problem.. People lose their appetite, because they don't smell food. They may not sense danger, because due to stale food, eg, we usually get a bad smell.

If something is burning, we are also in a normal state at first, most likely, we will smell smoke. And there is no sense of smell - and you can breathe poisonous gases, not feeling burning. Therefore, living with anosmia becomes much more difficult..

How to regain your sense of smells after Covid-19 disease?

Accelerate the Smell Recovery Process, and training will help with this.

  1. Primarily, rinse your nose with a salt water solution twice a day, morning and evening. You can buy special sprays at the pharmacy, you can make them yourself based on 1 Art. a spoonful of salt in a glass of water. Using a large syringe on 50 мл (without needle) lean over the sink and inject saline into one nostril. Then do the same with the other nostril.. Let the water drain back. The purpose of this procedure is to relieve swelling of the mucous membranes, due to which scent molecules cannot reach the olfactory hairs.
  2. Secondly, your doctor may prescribe hormonal anti-inflammatory sprays for you. They do not change the hormonal background of the body., act only locally - relieve tissue inflammation around the olfactory hairs.
  3. Thirdly, do simple workouts in the morning and evening, for which you will need familiar scents - the scent of a rose, clove spices, any citrus, type lemon, orange or tangerine, as well as eucalyptus (carefully).

Eucalyptus against coronavirus, carefully

It is eucalyptus, its natural origin, can cause allergies, so, if you are allergic to this plant, then replace it with another strong-smelling familiar product, eg, coffee beans.

Breathe in the scents one at a time and try to remember them.. The most pleasant news, It `s that, that the ability to perceive odors is usually restored! So don't be discouraged, if it didn't work right away. Exercise and live life to the fullest.

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