How bars and cafes evade the ban on nightlife, in the era of coronavirus

Закрытые вечеринки “для своих” и “дружеские ужины” вместо корпоративов.

Среди уловок – закрытые вечеринки “для своих”, хостелы при общепите и “дружеские ужины” вместо корпоративов

Завтра ночью приходи в наш клуб. Let's celebrate the New Year, properly!- could you think a year ago, that such an invitation is fraught with trouble with the police, but only a restaurant, where “celebrate, properly", and not for the first time, may close for three months?

She's such a pandemic. After 23 hours all bars, cafes and restaurants are obliged to amicably expose guests and close. This is a requirement of Rospotrebnadzor. And it is obediently performed, but ... some establishments secretly reopen in an hour! Top 5 tricks, how catering tries to bypass the night work ban.

Midnight, it's dark in the windows, there is a lock on the door and an ad “After 23.00 the institution does not work ". And inside ... the party is in full swing! The dance floor is packed, there is a queue at the bar for cocktails, and at the tables hot ladies and gentlemen are walking, as the last time.

Главное правило подпольной вечеринки – никому не говорить о подпольной вечеринке, – ухмыляется Анатолий. – Так просто с улицы к нам не попадешь.

Invitations are sent to messengers and only to the "selected.

Это наши постоянные клиенты – они скорее пытку вынесут, than rent your favorite bar. We sometimes discuss large parties in closed groups on social networks. But we also accept there only after virtual "face control". Application from a fake page without photo and personal data? Reject! What if the "scouts"?

A closed party costs a pretty penny. Entrance fee - 4-5 thousands of rubles for a regular disco with treats and drinks, 5 тысяч и выше – за новогоднюю программу с Дедом Морозом и конкурсами под елкой. The menu has risen in price, restaurateurs fight off coronavirus losses. But you can't intimidate visitors with prices: when will you still feel like an "elite", hanging out at a party "for friends"!

Launch one by one, through the back door.

The guards check the names and passwords against the list and measure the temperature of the guest. We turn the sick home, – рассказывает Анатолий. – А дальше конспирация, like a detective! No selfies, фото и видео в баре – если кадры утекут в соцсети, check will break. This is monitored by security. Payment?

Cash only, so that operations cannot be tracked in any way. Smoking at the entrance? No, no and no again! We warn you about this in advance and let us out into the street only with ends.. Clients agree, do not ask for trouble. For New Year's gatherings, by the way, the list of invitees was painted a month in advance.

Another trick, which the owners of the bar came up with - to open a hostel in the same building, they are not forbidden to treat guests after eleven.

We organize private parties on weekends, but on weekdays a different scheme, no less cunning, – раскрывает карты официант. – В 23 we don't drive out visitors for hours. On the contrary, "Repeat" cocktails and snacks. And all because, that according to the documents we do not work like a bar, but as a hostel with an hourly rate.

Such is the trick, after all, catering at hotels is not required to close at night. If the guests make noise, attract attention, and a raid will come to us, we will justify, pier, these are our guests. so what, that there are only four beds in the hostel, and they are not busy, а гостей – сотня! Maybe, will carry…

Bar patrons also know, that there was also a mini-hostel that unexpectedly opened. But the locals will hardly sleep in it, and there are not so many tourists now. So the beds and the guest register (empty, of course) – только для отвода глаз.

And since other establishments, for the most part, closed, all lovers of hanging out on weekdays flock to our bar, and the revenue is growing significantly, – откровенничает Анатолий. – И на чаевые не скупятся.

A real check will quickly figure out such a scheme and the institution will have to pay a fine.

Our competitors trade with a different trick, – продолжает официант. – Дискотека начинается у них уже с 18 hours, and closer to 23.00 they announce, that the kitchen and bar are about to close. Visitors in a hurry order food and drinks, yes more, и в 23.00 they really stop being served.

But don't get kicked out! And the music still thunders. They came up with an "iron" excuse in case of checking: pier, the institution has already stopped working, and customers just finish and finish to the music. Do not take their plates from them and do not force them out by force, Indeed!

The police look at this excuse with a grin, it will not save you from a fine, and advise to rush all visitors half an hour before closing.

What about New Year's corporate parties?

They are also banned.. And then the restaurateurs contrived. As they say, what do you call the boat, so she will float ...

Banquets, where employees of one company walk, we are, of course, do not indicate in the documents, – секретничает официант. – Если придется объясниться, let's say, that this is not a corporate party, a regular dinner, where familiar people gathered.

Кстати, it is for this reason that catering in the pandemic was ordered to close until 23 hours. Is considered, that up to this time the visitors behave quite decorously: and they wear masks in the hall, and social distance is respected. Yes and dance, ripping off the bandage, it is too early. But at night everyone behaves more cheekily and about the rules, Alas, forget quickly.

Got used to 6 crawl home in the morning after a disco?

Weaning. Now the fun is just beginning at this time. Yes, yes, this is the emerging trend! – восклицает Анатолий. – Утром и днем собираться в кафе и барах не запрещено, so my colleagues and I came up with a new format of parties, which start, eg, on midday.

All, like at night: dance music, there is, contests from leading, to cheer up early risers. We will create a night atmosphere in no time: tightly close the windows with curtains, so that daylight does not penetrate, and turn on the light music. Then you won't have to hide. For clients, by the way, like, no end to those who wish. The year turned out to be difficult, soul asks for a holiday, even in this format.

Despite the ban, the institution worked after 23.00. The entrepreneur will pay 30.000 rubles for violation.

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